Kuala Lumpur is a shopping hotspot in Southeast Asia and the malls there are serious business. All of the malls have an endless amount of shops and most of them house their own food court. When it comes to eating in the Pavilion KL shopping mall, the amount of places to choose from is quite frankly ridiculous. The wider mall has a lot of choices when it comes to restaurants. But, the Pavilion KL food court is the place to be for delicious and cheap food.

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About Pavilion KL

The centre court of Pavilion KL shopping mall during Chinese new year

The Pavilion is an ‘award-winning’ shopping mall in the heart of Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. Bukit Bintang, in particular, is the entertainment and shopping district of the city with a number of mega-malls. But, Pavilion KL is considered by many to be the premier shopping experience of Bukit Bintang. It quite clearly stands out, in a landscape of outstanding malls, for its shopping experience.

They didn’t hold back when it came to filling the Pavilion with great places to eat either. There is the Pavilion KL food court (food republic), the ‘Pavilion Elite’ and the numerous other eateries found dotted around the mall.

Basically, there’s something for everyone. Cuisines for every taste-bud and eateries for every budget.

Whether you want a sit-down meal or a quick bite to eat, we’re here to help. Below you’ll find 14 great places to eat in the Pavilion KL food court and mall.

Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
168, Bukit Bintang Street,
Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur,

Opening Hours:
10am – 10pm Every Day

Pavilion KL Website

The best places to eat in the Pavilion KL ‘Elite’

The Pavilion Elite is an extension to the original Pavilion shopping mall. This area has many places to grab some food. Though, they’re mostly restaurants and a little on the pricier side. With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the best restaurants in the Pavilion KL shopping mall…

1. Gravy Baby – The best restaurant in Pavilion KL?

Nachos from Gravy Baby, one of the best restaurants in Pavilion KL.

Gravy Baby, for us, is the best restaurant in the Pavilion KL shopping mall. Their slogan literally says that they’re famous for the cocktails and pies. Which is exactly how we were originally tempted in.

The menu is extensive and covers everything from breakfasts dishes to sandwiches and steaks to fish and chips. If you’re the kind of person who likes fried chicken and waffles, they have that too! Burgers? Pizza? Nachos? Chicken wings? They have it all…

Oh, and they have a fantastic drinks menu too. The all-day happy hour lets you buy any 3 well-made, strong cocktails for RM89 and a pint of beer for RM21. By all accounts, these are some cheap drinks by KL standards.

Level 3, Pavilion Elite

Opening Hours:
10am – Late night
Gravy Baby’s Website

2. Quivo – European style dining in Pavilion KL!

Quivo, one of the best Pavilion KL food options around.

Another fantastic restaurant in Pavilion KL that we were able to enjoy. This eatery has a Mediterranean/European menu with all of the classics that you’d expect.

Pizza, pasta, salads, flatbreads and nibbles (small plates/appetisers) fill out the menu. But, there’s also burgers and sandwiches to enjoy as well.

To add to the European & Meditteranean vibes, Quivo has quite the wine list too. So, it’s definitely a candidate for the perfect date night in Bukit Bintang!

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Chicken wings from Quivo in Pavilion KL Pizza at Quivo in Pavilion KL shopping mall

Level 3, Pavilion Elite

Opening Hours:
10am – 10pm
Quivo’s Website

3. Nandos

Nandos is amongst the world’s most popular restaurant chains. So, we doubt they need any introduction. But, in the case you haven’t heard of Nandos, their Peri Peri grilled chicken is to die for. So popular that in Europe it almost has a cult-like following!

We wouldn’t usually recommend a chain like this. Though we appreciate that Nandos doesn’t operate in every country and we know people from some countries are eager to get their hands on this peri peri goodness.

On the other hand, even if you’ve eaten it 100 times before in Europe, we still recommend it. Because the great thing about Nandos in KL is that it’s about half the price as back in the UK…

Level 1, Pavilion Elite

Opening Hours:
10am – 10pm
Nandos Website

Food Republic – The Pavilion KL food court

The centre of the Pavilion KL food republic foodcourt

The ‘Food Republic’ is located on Level 1 of the Pavilion shopping mall. Like other food courts, you can expect to find a range of eateries offering up a variety of cuisines at budget prices. This is where you’ll find all of the cheapest places to eat in Pavilion KL. Below is a list of our favourite vendors…

Level 1

Opening Hours:
10am – 10pm
Food Republic’s Website

**Location and opening times above are applicable to all of the Food Republic vendors listed below.

4. CK Sizzling Hot Plate

One of our favourite cheap eats in Bukit Bintang! CK Sizzling hot plate cooks up a good variety of both sweet and spicy Asian inspired dishes.

The range of stir-fries you can choose from are paired with either noodles or rice depending on what you prefer. A fried egg is a popular and cheap add-on to make the dish that little bit larger. The meal then, unsurprisingly, comes served on a black sizzling hot plate.

We recommend their black pepper beef or dry red chilli chicken stir-fried hot plates. Both meals are full of flavour and a complete steal at (approximately) the RM12 price point!

5. Little Wok

This little eatery in Pavilion’s food republic offers another selection of cheap, tasty meals. Obviously, from their name, they sell mainly stir-fried, wok cooked meals.

The dishes are, again, tailored to Asian taste buds…which is always a good thing! You can expect both ‘sweet & sour’ or spicy on offer. We always take the spicy option(s) and they’ve never disappointed us to this day.

6. Ken Chan Japanese Curry

Ken Chan Curry outlets can be found in many of Kuala Lumpur’s shopping malls’ food courts. Having noticed it a few times we decided we must give it a try…we’re glad we did.

Here you’ll find a range of curry-based meals on offer. There’s fried chicken-cutlet Kastu curry (with rice) to enjoy or even fat-noodle based curry bowls to feast on.

The Japanese style curry is perfect and comes served plentiful, enough to cover your meat and rice a couple of times over. Just how we like it! *Drools*

7. Rama 9 Thai

If you’re craving some food from that wonderful country just north of Malaysia then here’s the place to be.

Rama 9 has many popular Thai dishes on the menu including pad thai, spicy chicken and basil leaf (Pad Kra Pao) and even mango sticky rice!

Everything we tried from here was cooked to perfection. It’s definitely authentic and the perfect option to satisfy your Thai food craving taste buds.

8. Masakan Melayu & Padang

Some of the vendors at the Pavilion KL foodcourt

You shouldn’t have too hard of a time finding good Malaysian food in KL. You are in Malaysia after all.

But, if you’re looking for somewhere solid to try a range of local foods then Melayu is your place. It’s our go-to place for Malaysian food in the Pavilion KL food court.

The eatery offers an almost ‘serve yourself’ style set up with no (or few) set meals. You are able to pick and choose what you want on your plate and the total will be calculated later. There are local favourites like chargrilled fish (Ikan Bakar), beef/chicken rendang and of course sambal to spice things up.

9. Toast Box

Toast box is another great place to try some Malaysian food in Pavilion KL. Here you can try a plate of Nasi Lemak, the famous national dish of Malaysia. Alternatively, you can pick up a cheap mini serving of Nasi Lemak that comes wrapped in a banana leaf.

Besides all the savoury food, Toast Box has a number of sweet Malaysian Kueh on offer. These small sweet treats are the perfect local dessert to try in KL. Our favourites from Toast Box are the Kuih Ketayap and the Kuih Kochi!

Don’t let the green colouring from the Pandan leaf put you off. These Malaysian desserts come loaded with sweet coconut and palm sugar inside.

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10. Liang Sandwich Bar

If you’re looking for something a little different in the Pavilion KL food court then head over to Liang sandwich bar.

Sandwich bars don’t usually grab our attention, but this one did. The sandwiches don’t just come with any old bread though. They consist of a crispy, Malaysian style Roti and a range of fillings.

Fillings on offer include ‘Spicy Korean Chicken’ and ‘Black Pepper Chicken’ as well as many others. For roughly RM11-RM12 these sandwiches can’t be beaten.

11. Sisters Crispy Popiah

Popiah is another one of our top foods to try in KL and Sisters’ is among the city’s most popular vendors for it. The popiah stall is so good that they have multiple outlets around the city including in the Pavilion KL food-republic.

The Popiah Skin is soft and wafer-thin, it’s almost like a slimmed-down crepe. Inside can be home to a variety of ingredients. But in most versions, it’s a finely grated turnip, bean sprouts, shallots, carrots and a choice of meat or tofu.

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The best desserts in Pavilion KL

Besides all of the savoury goodness discussed above, there are a number of places to satisfy a sweet tooth too. Below are some of our favourite places to grab dessert in the Pavilion shopping mall.

12. Lavender – Bakery and Patisserie

Lavender bakery and patisserie in the Pavilion KL food court

Lavender is the best place in Pavilion KL for cheap baked goods. They have SO MANY baked goods in all varieties that we found it hard to choose what we wanted.

The baked goods on offer include European bread, like baguettes and croissants, as well as a number of Asian style ‘buns’. On the patisserie side, they offer all things sweet. Think cakes with ‘innovative flavours’, cookies, macarons and Belgian chocolate Ganache.

Our personal favourite was the small, Pandan filled pancakes. All in all, Lavender is a great place to grab a quick breakfast snack or something to eat on the go.

Level 1

Opening Hours:
10am – 10pm
Lavender Bakery & Patisserie Website

13. J.CO Donuts

JCO Donuts in the Pavilion KL foodcourt

JCO is the perfect place to grab an afternoon sweet treat and a cup of coffee. This is Southeast Asia’s (founded in Indonesia) answer to Krispy Kreme (or Dunkin Donuts).

Is it as good as Krispy Kreme? We’ll let you decide for yourself.

For us, JCO Donuts definitely beats Krispy Kreme when it comes to the selection of flavours. They have creatively concocted so many unique flavours that you’ll certainly find it hard to choose one.

Each doughnut has a creative and quirky name too like ‘Avocado Di Caprio’ or ‘Don Moccachino’. One thing is certain, these doughnuts are eye-catching, delicious and even slightly messy (but it’s worth it).

Level 1

Opening Hours:
10am – 10pm
JCO Donuts Website

14. Vanilla Mille Crepes

A Pandan Crepe cake from Vanilla Mille Crepes in Pavilion KL

More sugary goodness to satisfy the sweet-toothed cravings that you may have. Vanilla Mille Crepes is located on the top floor of the Pavilion KL mall. They say it best themselves ‘we serve delicious award-winning crepe cakes’.

These unique cakes are made with a stack of 30 thin crepes that create some strange, towering, crepe tower of goodness. They come in many flavours too, ranging from ‘Trip Chocolate’ to ‘Oreo Cheesecake’ and from ‘Blueberry’ to ‘Pandan’.

Also on the menu at the sit-down cafe are a number of beverages that includes teas and coffees.

Level 6

Opening Hours:
10am – 10pm
Vanilla Mille Crepe’s Website

Other places to eat in Pavilion KL

There are so many small eateries and restaurants around the mall that we’ve only really scratched the surface. Other popular and honourable mentions that can be found in the Pavilion are:

  • Dolly Dim Sum
  • CoCo Ichibanya
  • Fuji Sushi
  • Madam Kwan’s
  • TGI Fridays
  • Tony Roma’s
  • La Bodega
  • Maison
  • Dome

You can find out more information about the Pavilion KL food options on their website.

Final thoughts on the Pavilion KL food court & mall

All in all, the Pavilion KL food options are endless which is probably why we spent most of our time there. It was our go-to place during the 2 months we spent in Kuala Lumpur.

It’s a shame we couldn’t try every single place that we wanted to. We don’t think our budgets or waistlines would have allowed us too.

Anyway, have you been lucky enough to eat in the Pavilion KL? We’d love to know if you also enjoyed any of our favourite eateries. Did we miss any of your favourites out? Let us know in the comments down below!

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