Finding good cafes is one thing but finding the best cafes in Canggu is another. The town, once known for its strong surfing community now doubles as a foodies heaven. So, in a town of 1000 eateries, how do you distinguish the good ones from the bad ones? Listen to us, that’s how!

We’ve spent a good amount of time in the area and have eaten in A LOT of places. Take a read of the list below to find out some of our favourite places to eat in Canggu.

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The best cafes in Canggu – Our Top Picks

Motion Cafe

Motion Cafe is the best cafe in Canggu for fitness fanatics, clean eaters and…people who just love great food! The menu is tailored towards clean eating, fitness and superfoods. Their dishes are largely vegetarian or vegan and we love their approach for supporting local farmers and use of organic products.

We had an unbelievably hard time choosing just one thing each from the menu as it all looked amazing. Though, when we received our ‘banana oat pancakes’ and ‘protein waffle’ we knew we’d made the right choice. Both of our breakfasts were outstanding, a perfect breakfast to keep us going after an early morning at the gym!

Example cost: Protein Waffles 85K
Motion Cafe Location
Motion Cafe Menu


Breakfast at Jikaa cafe, one of the best cafes in Canggu

Jikaa is a quaint café with a small team of staff, but don’t let this fool you. You better believe that their food and coffee puts them right up there with the best cafes in Canggu.

Their ‘Summer in Bali’ smoothie bowl is our top pick, although their Spaghetti Carbonara is also an incredible choice. They also have super-fast wifi, so, if you’re looking for a place to work, check out this café.

The staff at Jikaa cafe Canggu

Example cost: Summer In Bali 55K
Jikaa Location
Jikaa Instagram

The Mocca

The dragon smoothie bowl at The Mocca Cafe

If we made a list of Canggu’s most Instagrammable cafes then ‘The Mocca’ might be the automatic number 1 choice. The cafe’s interior is homely and their food, both breakfast and dinner, is unbelievably good.

We absolutely love their “Dragon Smoothie Bowl” and the “Rainbow Chai”, both are options worthy of any Instagram feed. They also serve up some fantastic coffee and have great options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Mocca is definitely one of our favourite Canggu eateries.

An image showing the interior of The Mocca cafe in Canggu

Example cost: Rainbow Chai 60K
The Mocca Location
The Mocca Instagram

Rise & Shine

If you knew how many times we’d visited ‘Rise & Shine’ then you might assume it’s our personal favourite. For us, we can’t say for certain that it’s the best café in Canggu because there’s just too much competition. The friendly staff, great breakfast choices and good coffee are what make this café special.

The Dragon Bowl, Eggs on Toast and Barrel Rolls are all top breakfast choices at rising & Shine. They also have excellent WiFi, making it a perfect place to catch up on some work.

The inside seating area of Rise & Shine cafe

Example cost: Super Scramble Eggs 60K
Rise & Shine Cafe Location
Rise & Shine Instagram


A variety of breakfast items that can be chosen at Copenhagen cafe

Copenhagen is a fun café in Canggu that offers something different. Instead of choosing one breakfast item, you can choose a variety of smaller items to make up your meal. Choose between 3-5 miniature portions and have a variety of flavours to enjoy.

You can’t go wrong here, we really enjoyed Copenhagen and can really recommend their miniature smoothie bowl!

Example cost: 3 items for 65K | 5 items for 95K
Copenhagen Location
Copenhagens Website

Secret Spot

The 'choco loco' smoothie bowl from Secret Spot cafe in Canggu

If you’re looking for the best vegan café in Canggu then this might just be it. Everything on their menu is raw/vegan/vegetarian, not only that, but it’s also 100% delicious. You don’t usually catch us at vegan cafes, though this is one that we can’t keep away from!

We can’t get enough of their breakfasts and honestly, their ‘Choco Loco’ smoothie bowl is different but amazing and healthy! The ‘build your own’ waffles are also another top choice, they’re incredibly fluffy and come with delicious toppings.

The inside area and members of staff at Secret Spot cafe

Example costs: Choco Loco Smoothie Bowl 60K
Secret Spot Location
Secret Spot Instagram

Satu Satu Coffee Company

The image shows a typical breakfast at Satu Satu Coffee Company and Cafe

This place has to be among the cheapest places to eat in Canggu. Their omelettes, smoothie bowls and amazing coffee make for a wonderful cheap breakfast. You’ll know from the moment you arrive how popular Satu Satu is, it’s often busy but with enough tables for everyone. Their service is great too and you’ll never be left waiting.

We highly recommend their omelettes and coffee. At one point we were eating here every other day, not just because the price is low but because the quality is high. You won’t find a better value for money breakfast.

The image shows the outside seating area of Satu Satu Cafe in Canggu

Example cost: Ham Omelette 25K
Satu Satu Location
Satu Satu Website

Crate Café

The image shows a brunch item from the menu of Lifes Crate Cafe

If the ‘best cafes in Canggu’ was a popularity competition then Crate Café would win, hands down. There’s not a moment of the day that this café isn’t buzzing with people, however, its popularity is well deserved. It’s a fun quirky environment, overlooking a rice paddy and offers fantastic food and coffee.

We love their lattes and their ‘Brekkie2Go’ bowl, but everything we’ve seen on other tables looks out of this world. No visit to Canggu would be complete without visiting Crate at least once!

An imagine showing the counter and que of customers at Crate Cafe in Canggu

Example cost: Brekkie2GoGo 55K
Crates Location
Crates Website

Betelnut Café

The image shows a simple fruit, yogurt and granola breakfast from Betelnut cafe Canggu

Betelnut Café is one of the most recent places we added to the list of breakfast spots in Canggu. We seriously regret not trying this one sooner as the prices are good and food even better. The open-air rooftop seating plan is the perfect place to enjoy a coffee, juice and healthy breakfast.

Their cheese & bacon omelette is a must try if you’re looking for a well-packed omelette that’s not short of ingredients. We always pair it up with some sourdough toast and a latte to make our perfect breakfast.

An image of the outside of Betelnut cafe

Example Cost: Omelette 52K
Betelnut Location
Betelnut Instagram


An image of breakfast pancakes and a coffee at Sprout cafe

I’m just going, to be honest, I don’t think ‘Sprout’ is the catchiest name for a café. Don’t be put off though, this cafe is home to one of the best breakfasts in Canggu without a doubt.

We absolutely loved the triple stack of pancakes and smoothie bowls! You’ll also find a range of tasty nutritious juices on offer that you will not regret trying.

An image of the side decor and counter at Sprout cafe

Example cost: Pancakes 45K
Sprouts Location
Sprouts Website


An image of a scramble egg and chorizo breakfast at Kembali Bumbak

Kembali might offer similar breakfast options to every other café, so what makes it one of the best cafes in Canggu? The quality. Trust us, the quality of the food in this place is off the charts. It’s not the cheapest of places to grab a great breakfast but we have no problems paying the prices.

If you’re going to list Chorizo and Chili as ingredients then you might as well just take our money. Their Chorizo and Chili scrambled eggs are our top pick from this menu, though be sure to try the smoothies too. They’re amazing.

Example cost: Chili & Chorizo Scrambled Eggs 70K
Kembali Location
Kembalis Website

Lolas Shakin All-day

Lolas Shakin’ all day is a new addition to the Canggu cafe scene and it arrived with intent. The eatery is 100% ‘Insta-worthy’ from the decor right down to the food. So if you’re looking for Instagrammable cafes in Canggu, be sure to check out Lolas.

They are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with a good menu to choose your treats from. We stuck to our usual guns and went for the eggs, pancakes and coffee. Though we absolutely HAD to try one of their famous shakes and the Chocolate Espresso Shake was nothing short of incredible!

Example cost: Choose 3 items for 50K from a limited menu or grab something from the main menu for 60-70K IDR
Lolas Shakin All Day Location
Lolas Instagram


Some people working on laptops inside the Machinery co-working cafe in Canggu Bali.

Machinery Cafe on Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong is another great place to grab a bite to eat. Their website claims they are proud to be the first locally owned co-working cafe. So, that’s something we’re also glad to support. And, yes, if you’re looking cafes with great WiFi in Canggu, Machinery is one of them.

In terms of food and drink, they offer great coffee and all-day dining. They serve up some killer pancakes and a range of healthy dishes too. We were definitely in love with the maple-bacon pancakes and their chicken-avo wrap. Both were delicious and more than fairly priced.

Example cost: Chicken Avocado Wrap 62K IDR. All taxes included.
Machinery Cafes Location
Machinery Cafes Website

The Shady Shack

The Shady Shack has been on our list for a while because of its big reputation. Let us tell you something, it lives up to and exceeds its reputation as one of Canggu’s best cafes. They focus completely on vegetarian and vegan dishes, so if you’re plant-based, then Shady Shack is the place for you!

Their poached eggs, sourdough and chocolate smoothie bowl impressed us. As did the healthy fruit juices we ordered with our breakfasts. Inside the cafe they sell a range of vegan sweet treats like chocolate-cherry coconut cheesecake. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it!?

Example Cost: Cacao Smoothie Bowl 75K IDR
Shady Shacks Location
Shady Shacks Instagram

The Loft

High perspective view taken from the upper seating area of The Loft Cafe in Canggu

The Loft Canggu is one of the areas hippest cafes with roots all the way back in Bondi Beach Sydney. Their menu has an all-day eating experience and caters for everyone. Plant-based dishes are on the menu, as are some dishes for the meat-eaters. One thing that all their food has in common is fresh ingredients and top quality taste!

We can personally vouch for their breakfasts. The pink dragon bowl was, for us, one of the best smoothie bowls in Canggu. Though, we still need to go back to get our hands on one of their freak-shakes.

Example cost – Pink Dragon Bowl 68K IDR
The Loft Location
The Loft Menu

Give by The Kynd Community

Gives website tells you everything you need to know in just one phrase. “We do things differently here”. Indeed they do, and we love it!

The cafe is run by the Kynd Community and they are 100% plant-based and give 100% of their profits to charity. They simply take their operating costs and donate all further profits to 3 chosen charitable foundations per month. Each customer is given a token with their purchases and vote for their charity of choice. They say that they aren’t focused on groundbreaking contributions, but simply believe every little helps. That’s something we can get behind!

You’ll be glad to know they also put 100% (maybe even 110%) into their epic menu as their food is DELICIOUS! We chowed down on the gorgeous smoothie bowl and unicorn pancakes, which come with 100% vegan ice cream.

Example Cost: Berry Bright 60K
Give Cafe Location
Gives Charitable Journey


The interior of District Cafe and Co-working space in Canggu Bali

District describes themselves as an all-day resto cafe with a wide range of ‘to die for’ food dishes. They also offer an ideal place to work, so you can consider District another great place to work in Canggu. Downstairs in the cafe, they have a limited (in speed), but more than useable wifi connection for less intensive work. Upstairs you’ll find a fully-fledged co-working space with high-speed fibre optic internet access.

Their menu definitely offers some great breakfast, lunch and dinner options from what we saw. Though we did only head there for breakfast, yet we certainly enjoyed it. We found their chilli scrambled eggs and pancakes delicious, as always and will definitely be heading back for round 2.

Example Cost: Breakfast specials 50K IDR between 8 am-10 am
District Location
District Menu

What do you think about our ‘Best Cafes In Canggu’ blog post? Do you have any favourite cafes in Canggu that you’d like us to add?

If you’ve visited Canggu then you’ll know that no single list could compile every amazing café here. If you think we’ve missed out one of your favourites or have any recommendations then please let us know!

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