So you’ve booked a trip to Bali and are looking for the best cheap eats in Canggu? Don’t worry. We get it. The Canggu area is becoming more well known for its amazing food scene every day. There are so many restaurants, cafes and warungs here. Some are expensive, some are crazy cheap, it’s very hard to choose where to go.

We’ve spent a good amount of time in the area, so, we have eaten in A LOT of places. Take a read of the list below to find our favourite places to eat in Canggu.

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The Best Warungs In Canggu

You could say that a trip to Bali wouldn’t be complete without eating in a local warung. Warung roughly translates to ‘shop’ or ‘café’. They offer cheap, delicious local food that will leave your tastebuds satisfied and your bellies full.

As always, not all warungs (cafes) are created equally. Some are much better than others and here are a few of our all-time favourites.

Warung Jaba

A typical plate of food from Warung Jaba, Canggu

If you’re looking for a fantastic warung in Canggu then look no further than Warung Jaba. You can “help yourself” and pick a variety of foods from the self-service section. They have both regular and vegetarian options. Alternatively, you can choose a dish from the menu. Whatever option you choose, you won’t be disappointed.

We tend to mix it up. Sometimes we use the self-service, other times we choose from the menu. One of our favourites is the Ayam Lalapan; Fried chicken, Tofu, Tempe, rice & Sambal.

Example price: Ayam Lalapan: 30K
Warung Jaba Location

Memoh Warung

Memoh Warung is another of our favourite cheap eats in Canggu. This warung is different though. On the menu, you’ll find all the usual local dishes like Nasi Goreng and Mie Goreng. However, this place also offers a good range of healthy options with items such as wraps, sandwiches, smoothie bowls and Tempe burgers on their menu.

We can always recommend them for their great, cheap Nasi Goreng. However, the Feta Chili Wrap is also one of our favourites!

Example price: Feta Chili Wrap 40K
Memoh Warung Location
Memoh Warung Instagram

Warung Bu Mi

A plate of food from Warung Bu Mi in Canggu, Bali

This warung comes highly regarded and for good reason. Warung Bu Mi offers a self-service option where you can choose from a good variety of local items. There are great options for both meat-eaters and vegetarians alike. The food comes hot and delicious making this another of the best warungs in Canggu.

Our top recommendation for this warung is to go crazy and pick whatever looks appetising. Trust us, you could choose one of everything and still get a crazy cheap meal.

Example price: Per plate of food 25k-40k
Bu Mi Location
Bu Mi Instagram

Warung Varuna

An image of local Balinese food from Warung Varuna, Canggu, Bali

So, this one might just be our favourite local warung in Canggu. The warung offers both the self-service and menu options just like other places on this list. So, what makes it different? Whilst the food in other warungs is amazing, Varunas food is incredible. Everything we’ve had comes hot, full of flavour and cheap. There’s a reason you can often find a queue (albeit a fast-moving queue) to eat here.

An image of the self service food section in Warung Varuna, Canggu

You’d find it hard to go wrong here. However, we do recommend the Honey Chicken, Shredded Chicken, Honey Tempe, Spicy Tofu and Mie Goreng.

Example cost: Per plate of food 20k-40k
Varuna Location

Warung Local

Warung Local is a newer addition to the Canggu food scene. It serves up a mix of great local warung food, in a more Canggu cafe-esque setting. Think of it as a kind of local eating experienced, designed for those who don’t want a true local eating experience.

The name including ‘local’ is ironic, as we’re yet to see a local in there. However, that doesn’t take away from the great food they serve, plate after plate. You can choose a package, with a set amount of rice, meat and veg, or you can build your own plate. We built our own plate and absolutely loved their honey chicken, spicy tofu and tempe options! 

Example cost: Per plate of food 25k-40k
Warung Local Location

Waroeng Sushi

Warung Sushi is another of our new favourites. And, another of the ‘not so authentic’ local warungs in Canggu. But, it does what it says on the tin…it’s a warung that sells sushi. Good sushi to be precise. Oh and cheap sushi, which is why we can’t leave it off of our best cheap eats in Canggu list!

The interior of the warung, waroeng sushi, on Jalan Batu Mejan in Canggu.

If you’re a sushi fan then you must try it out. Becky, who loves it, says that it’s sushi good enough to rival anywhere. But we’ve also sampled the Chicken Katsu Curry and Gyoza, which were both beyond delicious. 

Example cost: California Roll 35K IDR | Chicken Katsu Curry 52K IDR.
Warung Sushi Location
Warung Sushi Instagram

Other cheap places to eat in Canggu

We know, it’s not always desirable to eat the same cheap local food every day. Especially not for both breakfast and dinner. Take a read of our favourite cheap places to eat in Canggu that offer something different. These places will be great for your appetite and your budget, we promise!

Roti Canai Street Kitchen

The classic roti and Nasi Goreng from Roti Canai, one of our favourite cheap eats in Canggu

Roti Canai Street Kitchen is one place we can’t stay away from, it’s carbohydrate heaven! As their name suggests, their main draw is their roti. You’ll find both sweet and savoury roti options that are always wonderful on the tastebuds. They also offer smoothie bowls and local dishes like Nasi Goreng and Balinese Chicken Satay. The food is cheap and cheerful, who doesn’t love bread, right?

For the savoury option, we always choose the Roti Classic which comes with a small pot of dipping curry. Becky sometimes takes the sweet option and loves the Roti Nutella.

Example cost: Roti Classic 18k
Roti Canai Location
Roti Canai Instagram

Satu Satu Coffee Company

A typical smoothie bowl breakfast from Satu Satu Coffee Company

This place has to be among the cheapest of places to eat in Canggu. Their omelettes, smoothie bowls and amazing coffee make for a wonderful cheap breakfast. You’ll know from the moment you arrive how popular Satu Satu is, it’s often busy but with enough tables for everyone. Their service is great too and you’ll never be left waiting.

We highly recommend their omelettes and coffee. At one point we were eating here every other day, not just because the price is low but because the quality is high. You won’t find a better value for money breakfast.

Example cost: Ham Omelette 25K
Satu Satu Location
Satu Satu Website

Sizzle Wraps

A selection of meals from Sizzle Wraps, Canggu

Now, Sizzle Wraps is something different but every bit as delicious as other places on this list. If you’re looking for cheap Mexican food in Canggu then this is your place! Their menu has everything from nachos, burritos, quesadillas, tacos, Mexican pizza and some really good cocktails.

We’ve tried almost one of everything on the menu and highly recommend the carnitas and veggie burrito. Go at happy hour to enjoy one of the cheap cocktails to go with your meal.

Example cost: Burrito 65K
Sizzle Wraps Location
Sizzle Wraps Instagram

Do you agree with our best cheap eats in Canggu?

We’ve explored many of Canggu’s cheap restaurants and cafes, but can’t say we’ve visited them all. That would take a lifetime! The recommendations on this list reflect only our own favourite places to eat and places we’re sure you’ll love too.

Have you visited any of these places? What did you think? Did we miss any of your favourite cheap eats in Canggu? Please do let us know in the comments.

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  1. Joshua Munro Reply

    Love the list especially the local Warung! My girlfriend and myself stumbled across a gem of a place yesterday called Hungry Hunt. Everything is made on site including their bread and every dish we tried was delicious. Salmon bagels for 35k and awesome burgers for 55k. The French toast was the best that we’ve ever had and only 35k!

    • Jack & Becky Reply

      Gald you liked it Joshua! Hungry Hunt sounds amazing. We will definitely check it out when we return later this year!

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