We recommend that you spend your time in KL eating everything you can. Once you finish eating the savoury food, why not try some sweet local Malaysian desserts? The local treats are unique, delicious and in our opinion, make for the best desserts in KL!

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If you know anything about Malaysia, you’ll know that it’s a country with a great amount of delicious food. The locals (a mix of local Malays, Indians and Chinese ) have created a diverse cuisine. It’s no wonder that travellers love to gorge themselves on the many tasty dishes found in KL.

But, once the main meals of the day have been put away, what is served up for dessert? Well, it should come as no surprise that Malaysians have a tasty range of treats for you to enjoy.

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About Malaysian desserts in KL

A selection of Malaysian desserts that can be found at Nyonya Colors, one of the places offering the biggest selection of local desserts in KL.

The local desserts in Malaysia are somewhat unique. We’d bet you’ve never tried them (or anything like them) before. Most Malaysian desserts heavily feature one, or multiple of the following ingredients: Pandan; Palm Sugar; Coconut; and glutinous rice.

You might notice that Malaysian desserts often have a lime green colour. This is the inclusion of Pandan, which is Asia’s very delicious answer to Vanilla.

The bottom line is, that the best dessert in KL has to be made up of one, or more of these delicious local treats. With no further rambling, let us tell you our 8 favourite Malaysian desserts you must eat in KL!

The top 8 Malaysian desserts you can find in KL

Initially, we were going to include these in our KL food guide. However, we decided to give these delightful desserts their own blog post like they truly deserve…

Putu Bambu

5 pieces of the Malaysian food, Putu Bambu, a warm green, coconut and palm sugar based snack that is great to eat as dessert in KL.

This steamed rice flour cake is made with a combination of pandan, brown palm sugar and grated coconut. Don’t let the green colour put you off, it’s absolutely delicious. In our opinion, it’s best eaten fresh, while it’s still warm.

It may have originated in Indonesia but has multiple variations throughout Southeast Asia. We first encountered it in Kuala Lumpur. So, we make sure to eat plenty of it every time we’re there.

Putu Bambu is definitely our favourite dessert in KL. Which is why we placed it at the top of this list. We would also be lying if we said we only ate it for dessert, as we can often be found eating Putu Bambu at any point throughout the day. It’s just that delicious.

Where to eat Putu Bambu in KL?

For some reason, Putu Bambu isn’t as commonly found as the other Malaysian desserts on this list. Our personal recommendation for trying it is:

Putu Bambu Tradisi (outside central market)

RM3.50 for 5 pieces!

Opening hours:
Monday – Sunday: 10am – 8pm

Putu Bambu Tradisi location

Kuih Ketayap

Kuih Ketayap is another of the local desserts in KL.

Kuih Ketayap (aka Dadar Gulung) is another one of our favourite Malaysian desserts. It’s a green, pandan infused, chewy, crepe-like pancake, wrapped up like a spring roll and filled with grated coconut and palm sugar.

Ketayap is so popular that it can be found in many places throughout KL, in street markets, night markets and restaurants alike.

Some variations are then topped with regular, white grated coconut. Other variations are served still warm with a side of ice cream, where the contrast between hot and cold blends together perfectly.

The only thing you need to know is that Kuih Ketayap in any of its variations is delicious.

Where to eat Kuih Ketayap in KL?

Nyonya Colors in Suria KLCC and KL Sentral offer some of the best local desserts in KL.

Nyonya Colours Suria KLCC


Opening hours:
Monday – Sunday: 8am – 10pm

Nyonya Colours Location


Ondeh Ondeh is another one of the local desserts in KL that must be tried by visitors.

Ondeh-Ondeh is another green, coconut and palm, sugar-based sweet treat. However, the local’s creativity with the ingredients has produced another, much different food that you can enjoy for dessert in KL.

These small green balls are made from glutinous rice flour, filled with liquid palm sugar and coated in grated coconut. They are small, chewy and delicious. You’ll often find them being sold in packets of 6 or more because one just isn’t enough!

The texture is somewhat ‘squidgy’ and we advise you to eat them whole, as the palm sugar literally explodes into your mouth. They’ve ruined more than one white t-shirt of ours…but it was totally worth it!

Where to eat Ondeh Ondeh in KL?

Nyonya Colours Suria KLCC


Opening hours:
Monday – Sunday: 8am – 10pm

Nyonya Colours Location

Apam Balik

Apam Balik is a peanut filled pancake dessert that can be found in KL.

Apam Balik (Turnover Pancake) is a unique take on the pancake. The batter consists of much of the same as normal pancake batter (flour, eggs and sugar) but also includes coconut milk.

Traditionally, once cooked, Apam Balik was topped with crushed peanut, sugar and corn. However, there are many variations now that include chocolate spreads and other sweet fillings. Once topped, the pancake is folded in half or ‘turned over’ on itself.

It’s cooked to varying degrees of thickness depending on where you buy it from but it largely tastes the same. That is, sweet and delicious, with more of a cake-like consistency than most pancakes.

Where to eat Apam Balik in KL?

Petaling Street Market


Opening hours:
This is a one-man (and his wife) run stall. They seem to be open throughout the day, most days. However, clear opening times aren’t something they seem to have.

We can’t find this stall on google maps. Though, Here is a rough location, you’ll find the Apam Balik stall along this row.

Sweet Apam (Brown Sugar Apam)

Sweet Apam is a coconut based thin pancake with palm sugar that can be found and eaten for dessert in KL.

Sweet Apam is a very thin, coconut milk and rice-based pancake. The centre is regarded as the best part because of its sweet and spongy texture.

Many variations of Sweet Apam are sold and the difference is generally the ‘topping’ that is placed in the centre of the pancake. They can be eaten plain, topped with brown sugar or even Sambal. But our favourite is definitely brown sugar Apam.

It’s another Malaysian dessert that is known as a pancake but doesn’t resemble the Western-style pancakes you know and love. It’s delicious nonetheless and is sure to steal your tastebuds heart!

We’ve heard that it’s a common breakfast snack, as well as being eaten for lunch and dinner. However, if you’re like us, you’ll eat it when you’re out looking for the best dessert in KL.

Where to eat Sweet Apam in KL?

Yarl Restaurant Brickfields

RM3 per Apam

Opening hours:
Monday – Sunday: 7am – 10pm

Yarl Location


An image of Cendol, one of the best desserts to eat in Kuala Lumpur
Source: @IceMoon

Cendol (pronounced Chendol) might just be one of the most unique desserts in KL. It’s quite hard to describe, as there are many variations. Though, the most general way to describe it would be to call it an iced dessert.

In all of its variations, Cendol is based (or topped) with green rice flour jelly that is shaped like moderately thick noodles. They are swimming in, usually, coconut milk that has been mixed with palm sugar for sweetness. Shaved ice is included and is topped with a variety of ingredients that may include red beans, corn or durian.

The one we tried was heavy on the shaved ice which was doused in palm sugar. As the ice melted away, the coconut milk mixed with the palm sugar to give it a sweet flavour.

The flavour was good, the jelly-noodles texture was strange, but it was worth trying nonetheless!

Where to eat Cendol in KL?

The outside of Limapulo Baba Can Cook - KL Limapulo Baba Can Cook

Limapulo: Baba Can Cook


Opening hours:
Monday – Saturday: 11:30am – 3pm and 5:30pm – 9:30pm Sunday: Closed

Limapulo: Baba Can Cook’s location

Ais Kacang

Source: Marco Verch (Flikr)

Ais Kacang (bean ice) is another cold/iced dessert. It features a mountain of shaved ice which is covered in sweet coconut milk, palm sugar and a variety of coloured syrups. Some variations use the syrups to create a colourful, rainbow-looking dessert.

The ice mountain is then topped with multiple ingredients that can include corn, red beans, palm seeds and peanuts.

All in all, Ais Kacang is cold and sweet. It’s probably not like anything else you’ve tried before. Unless you’ve tried Cendol of course. It’s kind of like Cendol, minus the green jelly noodles. It’s one of the most popular desserts in KL, you’ll see it being sold all around the city.

Pisang Goreng

One of the best desserts in KL is Pisang Goreng...or fried banans.
Source: Yun Huang Yong (Flikr)

Pisang Goreng, which literally translates to fried banana, is another common Malaysian snack that can be eaten for dessert in KL.

These small, fried banana fritters are sometimes battered, but other times just deep-fried. They’re crispy, delicious and somewhat sweet, especially if you eat them with ice cream or honey. You’ll often find them being sold in night markets, alongside other common Malaysian street foods.

Where to eat Pisang Goreng in KL?

Brickfields Pisang Goreng

RM1.40 Per Piece

Opening hours:
Monday – Sunday: 12pm – 5pm

Brickfields Pisang Goreng Location

Are you ready to find some delicious Malaysian desserts in KL?

We hope by now we’ve given you a good overview of our favourite Malaysian desserts you should try, without making you too hungry. There are of course many more, but these are a mixture between our personal favourites and the most common desserts you’ll find in KL.

So, what is the best dessert in KL!? In our opinion, they’re all amazing. Anything with Pandan & Palm Sugar and you have us sold!

We have to say, our all-time favourites are the top 3: Putu Bambu; Ketayap and Ondeh Ondeh. And, we’d highly recommend you eat these at least once. But, we’d also probably advise you to eat them a lot more than that. We’ve tried them just 100 times and still want more 😉

What do you think of our list of top Malaysian desserts? If you’ve tried them, we’d love to know your favourite. Otherwise, do you have any recommendations for other desserts we must try? We’d love to add them to this list!

Be sure to drop us a comment down below!

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