Fancy rooftop bars in Kuala Lumpur are all the rage these days. And it’s no wonder why when the city has such an impressive skyline. One of the newest additions to this scene is the ‘Blue at EQ rooftop bar and lounge’. It might be new to the scene, but it’s already making its claim as the hottest new bar in the city.

You can expect nothing less than an amazing experience at Blue rooftop bar. There is an unrivalled view of Kuala Lumpur to enjoy with great drinks. And, by all counts, the staff are excellent.

The bottom line is, Blue EQ rooftop bar is in a class of its own!

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About Blue at EQ rooftop bar and lounge

Having only opened in September 2019, Blue at EQ rooftop bar really is new to the scene. It’s modern and certainly a breath of fresh air when it comes to rooftop bars in Kuala Lumpur.

The EQ team currently refer to Blue rooftop bar as the best-kept secret in town. However true this is, we’re not sure how much longer they can keep Blue a secret. Especially as we’re about to tell you EVERYTHING you need to know…

Where is Blue at EQ rooftop bar?

The hot, new, Blue at EQ rooftop bar is housed on the 51st floor (Sky51) at EQ – a 5-star hotel in Kuala Lumpur’s golden triangle. Sky51, at EQ, is home to both Blue rooftop bar & lounge and the hotel’s fancy Sabayon restaurant.

Hotel guests can access Sky51 through the hotel elevator near the concierge, in the lobby. The hotel key card will grant you access to the 51st floor every day from 5 pm onwards.

However, non-hotel guests must arrive at EQ and head down to LG1. There will be a host to greet you and take you to the private elevator that goes directly to EQ’s Sky51 area.

Upon leaving the elevator you’ll instantly be able to appreciate EQ’s efforts to give guests a unique experience. The reflective, obsidian black floor and ceiling are illuminated with an almost immersive display of starlights.

Right down the hallway, the floor to ceiling windows gives you the first glimpse of Sky51’s amazing city view.

From here, the hosts will escort you to the Sky51 Blue rooftop bar. The entrance to the bar is uniquely modelled to look like an elevator. But, with no controls, other than a Martini glass button, you won’t find yourself going up or down but into KL’s coolest rooftop bar instead!

Blue at EQ – The Bar

Sitting on Sky51, Blue at EQ is certainly one of Kuala Lumpur’s highest rooftop bars. And, we absolutely love the fact that they have embraced the speakeasy-style concept. So, Blue might just be considered the highest speakeasy bar in KL.

Upon entering through the bars speakeasy entrance, the first port of call is the bars lounge area. The lounge has up to 80 seats in total which are made up of plush lounge seats and lavish chairs. In the early evening, live bands serenade the guests and set the mood for the night.

The lounge, by all accounts, is a classy experience and a place where guests can come to chill out. It’s the perfect place to relax with a whiskey or one of Blue’s signature bespoke cocktails (more on them later).

Outdoors at Blue rooftop bar is where Sky51 really shines. The upper-deck DJ plays out a more energetic set of music. This is where the crowd can come for a more lively experience, alongside the panoramic view of Kuala Lumpur.

This open-air section of Blue at EQ has enough seats for 130 lucky guests. However, this isn’t including the private pods which can be reserved and seat another 34 people!

Blue rooftop bar also houses an exclusive upper deck where reservations are essential. This private area is intended for VIP members to enjoy another level of partying. Guests who reserve this area will be able to enjoy the fantastic views of KL in a more private experience.

Overall, the design of the outdoor area is amazing. The neon red lights give Blue rooftop bar an almost futuristic vibe. One thing is for sure, you’ll have never partied anywhere like this before!

Blue at EQ – The view

All great rooftop bars must be supported by an equally great view. Luckily, Blue at EQ might just have the best view in the whole of KL.

The altitude of Sky51 (on the 51st floor) ensures that nothing is blocking the view of EQ’s new rooftop bar. Expect to find, literally panoramic, unrivalled views of Kuala Lumpur’s skyline. Arrive early and watch on as day turns to night and as the city lights up under the night sky.

Over to the left, you’ll spot the sun setting behind the famous KL Tower and over to the right, you’ll spot the impressive Petronas Twin Towers. This really is a photographers dream vantage point.

Don’t just focus on these two landmarks though. The view from Blue at EQ rooftop bar offers you impressive views of the whole city. We loved the fact you could watch the colourful Symphony Fountain show from up above!

Blue at EQ – The menu and cocktails

Blue rooftop bar offers an equally impressive selection of drinks to enjoy with the amazing city views. The expert mixologists are on hand to craft some of the city’s most memorable cocktails. On the menu, you can expect to find a mix between Blue’s signature cocktails as well as a number of classics.

Signature cocktails

Blue at EQ has 4 signature cocktails. These are the Smoked Negroni; Blue Moon; Devotion and Pretty in Pink. All priced at RM52, there’s no doubt that the signature cocktails offer amazing value for money.

We tried all four of the signature cocktails and can vouch for their quality. The Blue Moon, Devotion and Pretty in Pink all have an amazing balance of sweet flavours that are sure to please every taste bud.

The Smoked Negroni was great too with its gin and Campari base. It’s certainly more of an acquired taste with its smokey undernotes, though we found it to be perfectly balanced.

The Classics

The classic cocktails offered at Blue rooftop bar are Moscow Mule; Manhattan; Mint Julep; Whisky Sour; Rum Old Fashioned and Dry Martini. We didn’t try any of the classics this time around so we might have to head back there. They, again, offer great value for money as they are priced between RM48 and RM68.

All in all…

We found the cocktails at Blue rooftop bar to be extremely well priced. They are competitive with bars right throughout the city and, in terms of cocktails, are by no means expensive.

When you consider the bars setting and the amazing view, you’ll appreciate the affordable drinks prices even more. We can only feel that many other bars would have taken advantage and charged a premium for such well-made drinks.

The rest of the menu features a variety of gins, vodka, rum, bourbon, whiskey, cognac, wine and beer. If you’re feeling hungry, there’s also a range of bar snacks for you to enjoy too.

For more detail, please take a look at the ‘Blue at EQ rooftop bar’ menu.

Blue at EQ – Extra Information (FAQ)

We might not have covered everything you wanted to know in the sections above. So, we’ve put together this section of extra information relating to the ‘Blue at EQ rooftop bar’ to answer some frequently asked questions.

Is there a ‘happy hour’ at the ‘Blue at EQ rooftop bar & lounge’?

Yes. There are ‘sunset hours’ every day between 5 pm – 7 pm with some offers on drinks and bar snacks. Check the sunset hours menu for more information.

Does Blue at EQ have a dress code?

There is a smart casual dress code enforced at EQ’s Blue rooftop bar. Take note of the ‘smart casual’ part. You don’t have to wear a full tuxedo and expensive shoes. But do avoid shorts, flip flops, sandals, sportswear and branded casual clothing.

Is there an age limit for Blue rooftop bar and lounge?

Yes. Only guests aged 21 and above are allowed to enter Blue.

How can I make a reservation at Blue rooftop bar and lounge?

Reservations can be made via email or directly through the online form on the website.

Blue at EQ opening hours:

17:00 – 01:00 (Monday – Sunday)

Final thoughts on EQ’s Sky51 and Blue Rooftop Bar & Lounge

We hope we’ve given you a well-rounded view of our experience at Blue rooftop bar at EQ. The Sky51 area as a whole offers incredible panoramic views of the city. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better view of Kuala Lumpur at night time.

The combination of the atmosphere, attentive staff and amazing cocktails give guests at Blue the perfect way to end the day.

We said it before and we’ll say it again…we’re not sure how much longer Blue will remain a secret. Once the EQ rooftop bar is known to the wider public we’re sure it’s going to be a lively place every night of the week!

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