Canggu has become one of Bali’s most attractive travel destinations. It’s no wonder why, there’s great surf, amazing cafes and an all-round good vibe in the town. It’s an absolutely fantastic place to visit whether it’s your first or even tenth time in Bali. The young, international crowd that frequent Canggu makes it a great place to meet other travellers and enjoy yourself. If you’re planning a trip here, use our ultimate Canggu travel guide to find out absolutely everything you need to know!

We’ve got you covered. Our Canggu travel guide will help you get here, get around, find the best things to do, best places to eat and the best places to party in Canggu.

What’s Covered In Our Ultimate Canggu Travel Guide?

Why Should You Visit Canggu?

You might be wondering if Canggu is worth visiting or if it’s just ideal for surfers? Don’t worry, Canggu has something for everybody. The area has a lively buzz that’s created by the variety of young, international travellers that choose to visit or live here.

Besides the great surf, the area is becoming well known for its top quality and varied food scene. There’s even a very lively, but tame party scene for you to enjoy too. And only 5 minutes out of the main town you can see the rice fields that Bali is famous for. To add to all of this, Canggu experiences killer sunsets each and every night!

You might be planning to visit for a couple of nights or a couple of months. In any case, we’re sure that your time spent in Canggu will be enjoyable and time well spent.

To summarise, the pros of visiting Canggu are:
  • To take part in some of Bali’s best surf
  • The buzz of a young international crowd
  • Trying out the interesting and varied food scene
  • The great digital nomad community
  • Meeting other travellers
  • Parties
  • Amazing sunsets

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Canggu  Travel Guide:
Typical Prices In Canggu

A typical guesthouse room than can be found for cheap right throughout Bali.
A very typical guesthouse that can be found for cheap in Bali.

Guest House 300K (£16) Per Night

Scooter 60K (£3.30) Per Day

Local Food 40K (£2.20) For a plate of local food at a warung

Bottle Of Beer Small/Large 30K (£1.70)/ 50K (£2.80) At a bar or restaurant

Typical Breakfast 80K (£4.40) For a smoothie bowl and coffee

Local Taxi Driver 60K (£3.30) For a short journey within Canggu

Private Driver 700K (£39) For the entire day

Ultimate Canggu Travel Guide:
Getting Around

How to get to and from Canggu

Canggu is a coastal town in the south of Bali. It’s not too far from Denpasar airport and is very close to other Bali hotspots such as Kuta and Seminyak. Further afield, but still only a short drive away is the must-visit village of Ubud.

Whether it’s your first stop off in Bali, or you’re visiting from somewhere else on the island, you’ll find that getting to Canggu is easy!

You have two main transport options when visiting Canggu from the surrounding areas. You can take a taxi, such as Bluebird, or ride there yourself on a motorbike.

Obviously, riding there yourself is a cheaper and more convenient option. However, be wary, because traffic around Kuta, Seminyak and Canggu can be chaotic. We’d only advise travelling between the areas on a motorbike if you’re a confident and experienced rider.

Alternatively, taxis from the airport, Kuta and Seminyak to Canggu are affordable.

How long does it take to get to and from Canggu?

Despite being nearby other hotspots like Kuta and Seminyak, getting between the areas can take time. Especially if you’re travelling via taxi. The south of Bali suffers from heavy congestion and often traffic becomes gridlocked. It’s considerably quicker to travel via scooter, as you can cut through the car traffic. Though, it still takes longer than it should do.

Having said that, we’ve listed the typical travel times between Canggu and other popular areas below.

Typical journey times to/from Canggu:

  • Ngurah Rai Airport 1.5 Hours (250K)
  • Kuta – 1 Hour  (120K)
  • Seminyak/Legian – 40 minutes (80K)
  • Sanur – 1 Hour (150K)
  • Uluwatu – 2 Hours (250K)
  • Ubud – 2 Hours (250K)
  • Padang Bai – 2.5 Hours (400K)
  • Amed – 4 Hours (600K)

The transport times listed above assume that you’re travelling via taxi/car.

The typical taxi fare is in brackets and priced in Indonesia Rupiah.

If you’re travelling on a motorbike you can largely expect to cut these travel times in half.

Be aware though, getting taxis to Canggu is easy, though getting them from out of Canggu can be tricky. Online taxis like Bluebird and GoJek are forbidden from picking up in Canggu. So, you have to take a ‘local taxi driver’. They are unmetered, price agreed on upfront and are often more expensive than online taxi services.  

Luckily, we know a few great local drivers who will be more than happy to taxi you around. Hit us up and we would be glad to pass on their contact details!

How To Get Around In Canggu

So, once you’ve arrived, what is the best way to get around Canggu? Well, luckily, Canggu is compact and easy to navigate. The town is split into three main areas, Batu Bolong, Berawa and Perenan. Getting between the areas is easy and quick enough, especially if you know the shortcuts that cut-through the rice paddies.

During your time here, there’s a number of ways for you to choose from in order to get around Canggu. These are:

Hiring A Motorbike

A number of scooter/motorbikes parked up in Canggu outside the Sari Sedana guesthouse.

By far the most convenient and popular option for travellers. Hiring a motorbike in Canggu is easy, cheap and fun. Having a motorbike makes getting around Canggu so easy and gives you the freedom to explore a little further afield. The traffic can get a little bit chaotic though, so hiring a motorbike should always be done with caution.

Motobikes can usually be rented for 50K-60K per day. Though on a monthly basis they can be found for as cheap as 30K per day!

Local Taxis

One of the best ways to get around Canggu for large groups, local taxi drivers in their people carriers.

You can always rely on taxis to get around. Online companies such as grab and bluebird are banned from picking up in Canggu though. So, it’s the local taxi drivers who run the show here. Whilst they’re easy to find, they don’t use a meter and you’ll end up paying more than the ‘fair price’. Sometimes 3 times more than the usual going rate.

Always be careful to agree on a price upfront, double-check and triple-check just to be certain.


Two Go-Jek drivers parked up looking for customers on Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong in Canggu, Bali.

Alternatively, Go-Jek motorbike taxis still seem to pick up in the area, so they are an option. The driver will pick you up on a motorbike, usually with a spare helmet and take you wherever you need. We’ve never used them, but we know they are ridiculously cheap and definitely faster than travelling by car.


An old Indonesian lady cycling her bike through the centre of Canggu.

The whole of Canggu is flat, the roads are straight and generally well maintained. So, a bicycle is a great option for getting around in Canggu. If you’re a physically active, carbon emissions conscious and brave souled traveller then cycling is an option.

We say brave souled because we can’t imagine cycling amongst the 10,000 motorbikes that whizz around the town. Though, we do see many other people doing so regularly.


The main roads in Canggu are long and straight, with pavements all the way down to the beach. So, walking is another great option for getting around. Within the confines of each area at least.

We’re not sure that walking between each area is a great idea due to traffic, the distance and the heat though.

Ultimate Canggu Travel Guide:
Top Things To Do In Canggu

Canggu might be small, but it has a lot to do to keep you entertained. From the activities to the food scene, there’s a reason why many digital nomads choose to call the town home. We’ve listed below what we think are some of the highlights that Canggu has to offer.


A girl walking into the sea, with a surfboard, at one of Canggus many beaches.

It’s no secret that Bali is a world-class surf destination. Each year millions of tourists flock to the island to take advantage of its waves. For a long time, the main appeal of visiting Canggu was the cool surfing community and its many beaches.

To this day, surfing remains the most popular thing to do in Canggu for novices and experienced wave riders alike. So, even if you’ve never surfed before, grab a board, take a lesson and enjoy the waves. Trust us, it’s a blast!

Surf lessons are easily found and can be booked through hostels or even just found on the beach. We paid 400k per person for a 2-hour lesson which included the board rental.

Great Surf Hostels & Homestays In Canggu:

  • Layday Surf Hostel
  • Co-Work Surf
  • The Nest Canggu
  • Surfing Nomads


A brunch dish from the Lifes Crate cafe in Canggu

Even though Canggu is most popular for it’s surfing, it’s recently become an attractive destination for foodies. You can find all kinds of amazing eateries from local warungs to hip restaurants. However, where Canggu really shines is its variety of brunch spots.

The abundance of ‘hipsters’ in Canggu and strong digital nomad community has seemingly ignited a need for cool cafes. You’ll find everything on offer from the famous smoothie bowls to avocado on toast and everything in between. You could try a new café every day of the month and still only have explored a fraction of what Canggu has to offer!

Sunset views at Tanah Lot

An image displaying the sunset behind Tanah Lot in Canggu

Tanah Lot temple is one of Bali’s best-known landmarks and one of the most famous things to do in Canggu. The temple sits atop a rock off the coast of Bali and at high tide is almost completely surrounded by water.

The temple is most popular at sunset as the golden sun lights up the ocean and temple. Be warned, its super touristy and is often filled with locals and tourists looking for the perfect shot. Don’t be put off though, the popularity of this landmark is well deserved and a trip is 100% worth it!


A night-time party at Finns Beach Club located close to Pantai Berawa in Canggu.

There’s a certain buzz in Canggu. It’s the kind of energetic buzz that’s created by thousands of young people from every corner of the globe all socialising in one place. This energy is best felt after sundown when the bars get busy and the drinks start flowing.

We certainly aren’t the kind of travellers who go out looking for parties. Yet, one of the most fun things to do in Canggu is to party the night away. We like the Canggu party scene because it’s there, but it’s not overpowering. It’s not the focus of Canggu, it’s easy to find, but also easy to avoid and that’s what we love.

You can find a more detailed list in our blogpost ’10 Fun Things To Do In Canggu’.

Ultimate Canggu Travel Guide:
Where To Eat In Canggu

We’ve already mentioned how Canggu has a thriving food scene. There are literally way too many places for us to tell you all the great places to eat in Canggu. There’s everything from local warungs, Western & Asian restaurants, brunch cafes and breakfast spots.

In fact, there are so many great places to eat that we’ve already written 4 blog posts on the subject! Below, we’ve noted just a few of our favourite places to eat in Canggu.

Best place to grab breakfast in Canggu – Rise and Shine

A coffee and two members of staff behind the bar cooking breakfast at Rise & Shine cafe in Canggu on Jalan Batu Mejan.

If you knew how many times we’d visited ‘Rise & Shine’ then you might assume it’s our personal favourite. For us, we can’t say for certain that it’s the best café in Canggu because there’s just too much competition. The friendly staff, great breakfast choices and good coffee are what make this café special.

The Dragon Bowl, Eggs on Toast and Barrel Rolls are all top breakfast choices at Rise & Shine. They also have excellent WiFi, making it a perfect place to catch up on some work.

Example cost: Super Scramble Eggs 60K
Rise & Shine Cafe Location
Rise & Shine Instagram

Best Warung In Canggu – Warung Varuna

A typical plate of warung food including rice, chicken satay, tempe and sambal from Warung Varuna in Canggu.

So, this one might just be our favourite local warung in Canggu. The warung offers both the self-service and menu options just like other places on this list. So, what makes it different? Whilst the food in other warungs is amazing, Varunas food is incredible. Everything we’ve had comes hot, full of flavour and cheap. There’s a reason you can often find a queue (albeit a fast-moving queue) to eat here.

You’d find it hard to go wrong here. However, we do recommend the Honey Chicken, Shredded Chicken, Honey Tempe, Spicy Tofu and Mie Goreng.

Example cost: Per plate of food 20k-40k
Varuna Location

Best place to try a smoothie bowl in Canggu – Nalu Bowls

The Uluwatu Smoothie bowl, one of the best smoothie bowls in Canggu, from Nalu Bowls located close to Echo Beach

Nalu bowls is possibly the most well-known and best place for smoothie bowls in Canggu. They have branches in Canggu, Seminyak, Uluwatu, Kuta, Jakarta and even Portugal. Their international success should tell you one thing, that their smoothie bowl only menu is top quality.

We can never look past their ‘Uluwatu’ bowl. It has the perfect dragon fruit base, honey, granola and strawberry; mango; coconut toppings.

Price: Uluwatu Smoothie Bowl 70k +15% Tax
Nalu Bowls Location
Nalu Bowls Website

Best brunch spot in Canggu – The Mocca

The dragon smoothie bowl at The Mocca Cafe

If we made a list of Canggu’s most Instagrammable cafes then ‘The Mocca’ might be the automatic number 1 choice. The cafe’s interior is homely and their food, both breakfast and dinner, is unbelievably good.

We absolutely love their “Dragon Smoothie Bowl” and the “Rainbow Chai”, both are options worthy of any Instagram feed.

Price: Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl 60K
The Mocca Location
The Mocca Instagram

Best restaurant in Canggu – Ulekan

A flat lay view of a selection of Indonesian dishes, pictured at Ulekan restaurant in Canggu Bali.

Are you looking for some of the best Indonesian food in Canggu? Ulekan might be what you’re looking for! It’s a world away from the warungs that you might have seen around, but Ulekan offers all the local favourites.

The restaurant, owned by ‘The Good Food Brotherhood’, is described as a ‘celebration of Indonesian’ cuisine in a stylish setting, serving great food, drinks and desserts. On the menu, you can expect to find local foods like Ayam Sate, Nasi Goreng, Ayam Lalapan and Soto Ayam.

In our opinion, the restaurant is a great ‘upmarket’ version of the famous local dishes. We absolutely loved the Penyet starter, Ayam Lalapan and Kare Sari Laut for our mains. We were already full but couldn’t resist the deserts, the Balinese Banoffee and Ice cream sandwich were to die for!

Example cost: Ayam Lalapan 90k
Ulekan Location
Ulekan Website

Are you still looking for the best places to eat in Canggu? Check out our other blog posts:

Ultimate Canggu Travel Guide:
Where To Party In Canggu

Groups of tourists enjoying happy hour drinks at Old Mans beach bar near Batu Bolong Beach, Canggu.

Besides having plenty of activities to keep you entertained and cafes to keep your tummy satisfied, Canggu has plenty of great places for you to grab a drink and party too. If you’re anything like us, a calm sunset beer will keep you happy. But for the more party orientated traveller there’s a number of places to find an all-night party in Canggu.

Though the party scene is lively, it’s easy to avoid and nowhere near as crazy as in Kuta. Yet, it’s still a lot livelier than Ubud.

Alternatively, just about every guest house, shop, café and street vendor sells Bintang. So, you can always grab a few bottles and head down to the beach with your mates.

Planning to stay out late. Check out our suggestions for the best places to party in Canggu down below:

Pretty Poison – @PrettyPoison__

The inside skate bowl, bar and seating area of Canggu nightclub 'pretty poison'.

This lively ‘underground’ bar is a place to party like no other. The party gets wild here on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, attracting an international crowd in the process. It’s well known for the skate bowl that sits in the middle of the club. So, you can have a drink, listen to music and watch some crazy skaters at the same time!

The Lawn – @TheLawnCanggu

Many travellers watching the sunset, enjoying cocktails and relaxing in the pool at The Lawn, Batu Bolong Beach, Canggu.

One of our favourite places to get a sunset drink in Canggu! The Lawn is a beach lounge that opens directly onto Batu Bolong beach. Watch the sun go down with a beer or cocktail whilst listening to chill music and watching the surfers in the distance. After dark, the atmosphere gets lively when the evening happy hour starts.

La Brisa – @LaBrisaBali

Another, and one of Bali’s best known, beach clubs. La Brisa sits on Echo beach and was built using the wood of 500 old Balinese fishing boats. They pride themselves on the unique ambience that the bar offers and insist it can only be experienced first-hand. There’s an amazing seafood menu for you to enjoy making La Brisa great to visit during the day or night!

Old Mans – @OldMansBali

Many people sat happy hour drinks in the seating area at Old Mans beach bar near Batu Bolong Beach, Canggu during sunset.

This might just be the best place to grab a sunset beer in Canggu! It’s certainly our favourite and apparently everybody else’s too. Old Mans is popular with travellers and locals alike for the extremely cheap beers. At happy hour (5pm – 6pm) you can pick up 2 beers or cocktails for the price of one. Which is scheduled right as the sun is going down.

Later on in the evening, the bar gets super lively, and they even (sometimes) have large beer-pong competitions. Overall, this is our favourite place to hang out and meet other travellers.

Deus Ex Machina – @DeusTemple

Deus is a well-known international brand and they have a lively location-based right in Canggu. Their café is well known for its great food, drink specials and live music. They hold a whole host of cool events but Tattuesday might just be the best of them. Head down to Deus on a Tuesday where you can get free tacos and a tattoo. Yes, a tattoo, included in the price of a beer!

Ultimate Canggu Travel Guide:
Which Part Of Canggu Should You Stay In

The outside of the famous Canggu market the "Love Anchor Baazar" located on Jalan Batu Bolong.

Though Canggu isn’t necessarily that big, there are 3 main areas that you can stay in. These are Berawa, Batu Bolong and Perenan. Each of the areas run along their respective 2-mile long road which starts down at the beach.

Where you decide to stay can massively affect the quality of your time in Canggu. So, let’s look at why you might choose to stay in each of the areas and what you can expect.


Jalan Pantai Berawa is the southernmost area of Canggu and runs all the way down to Pantai Berawa. The Berawa area is filled with guesthouses and some of the best places to eat in Canggu. Finns Beach Club and La Laguna, some of Balis best beach clubs are located in this area. Berawa beach is a lively sunset spot and a popular place to surf.

Batu Bolong

The end of Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong in Canggu, overlooking the beach with travellers in the foreground and the ocean with surfers in the background.

Our personal favourite and the busiest part of Canggu. Pantai Batu Bolong is the central road running through Canggu and is the best place to stay in our opinion. The road and surrounding areas are filled with great places to stay, eat, drink and shop. From Love Anchor shopping market to Old Mans beach bar, Batu Bolong has entertainment from morning until nighttime. Trust us, a lot of Canggu’s best places to eat are in the area.


A typical image of a quiet road and rice paddy in the Pererenan area of Canggu Bali.

Pererenan sits on the north side of Canggu and is much more laid back than the other areas. The road down to the beach is much quieter but there are still cool places to stay and eat. There’s no nightlife in the area, but that might be attractive to some people. Pererenan is said to be a popular choice for families visiting Canggu.

You should note though, that getting between the three areas is easy. There are shortcuts between the roads. So you don’t have to do the whole 2-mile route each time you want to visit another area.

Having said that, we wouldn’t advise staying in Pererenan unless you’re comfortable on a motorbike or have arranged transport. The area is quiet and it isn’t easy or quick to walk to the other areas. It’s not ideal to get back to late at night neither if you’ve stayed out partying in Berawa or Batu Bolong.

Best places to stay in Canggu

Backpacker Budget
The Farm Hostel – One of the top-rated hostels in Canggu, a great place to meet friends.

Mid-range – Budget
FRii Bali Echo Beach – A 3* hotel with a fab pool in a great location, close to Echo Beach.

Theanna Eco Villa and Spa – After a fun-filled day exploring and surfing what’s better than heading back to your own private villa and pool. The ultimate luxury.

Did you find our Ultimate Canggu Travel Guide useful?

We’d love to know if you found our ultimate Canggu travel guide useful. Was it your first time visiting Canggu or have you been before? We want to know if we helped you have a great trip or if we helped you to find some new places. Is there anything we missed out that you want to know about? Don’t hesitate to ask us in the comments or directly on Instagram. And please do check out our other Canggu related blog posts!

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