So, you’ve done the hard bit! Somehow you’ve managed to get your other half to pose for a couples photo (#instahubby)! We really do applaud you! It took us years before we had the confidence to set up our trusty tripod and pose away together in front of the camera. We’re sure you’re aware though, taking the photos is only a small part of becoming an Insta couple. Luckily for you, you’ve arrived on the right blog post to help. We’ve been using couples hashtags to grow our Instagram for years.

We can safely say we know a thing or two about having a couple’s Instagram page. Albeit a travel couple, we set up our account nearly 3 years ago and have been using couples hashtags ever since. Here you’ll find the ultimate couples hashtags list, including popular couples hashtags, less popular couples hashtags and a bunch of related hashtags you can also use for your couple shots. The great thing is you can copy and paste your favourite hashtags right into your Instagram caption.

We love giving other couples advice on how to grow their social media accounts. That’s why we’ve included our very own couples hashtag formula in this post to help you create your own hashtag strategy. We also give you our best tips and tricks on how to most effectively use Instagram hashtags and also how to grow your account further by using couples feature accounts. You’ll even see some of our favourite couples quotes and captions.

What Are The Best Couples Hashtags?

Top 10 Couples Hashtags In 2020 For Any Couples Photo 

Couples hashtags are used daily on Instagram as more and more couples decide to showcase their love. Here are the top couples hashtags used on Instagram in 2020. All of these hashtags contain the word ‘couple’ or ‘couples’ so can be used on ANY couples image.

  • #couple
  • #couplegoals
  • #couples
  • #couplesgoals
  • #gaycouple
  • #cutecouple
  • #couplelove
  • #coupleshoot
  • #instacouple
  • #couplegoals❤️ 
The top couples hashtags on Instagram in 2020

Popular Couples Hashtags For Any Couples Photo 

There is no definition for a ‘popular hashtag’ however we tend to class popular hashtags as hashtags that have been used on Instagram over 200k times. Each one of the popular couples hashtags below has therefore been tagged in over 200k images. You can use these hashtags for ANY couple photos. Choose the hashtags that best represent your photo and copy and paste them straight onto your post.

#couplemurah #couplebatik #couplequotes #couplephotography #couplegoal #couplestyle #coupleselfie #couplephoto #couplesession #couplephotoshoot #couplelife #coupleportrait #couplesofinstagram #coupleswholift #couplesphotography #couplepic #coupleinlove #beautifulcouple #coupletime

Less Popular Couples Hashtags For Any Couples Photo 

Again, there is no definition for a ‘less popular hashtag’. But for us, we put any hashtag that has between 10k and 200k uses in this category. So, here you’ll find less popular couples hashtags that you can use on any couples photo. These hashtags have been used anywhere from 10k-200k times on Instagram. There are other couple hashtags that are even more unpopular (below 10k) but we think using these won’t be that beneficial. Using some of the couples hashtags below will give you more of a chance of making Instagram’s top 9 spots. Especially, if your Instagram account is still quite small. These hashtags have less competition with much bigger accounts.

#couplesinlove #couplegram #couplelovers #couplelover #coupleloves #coupleportraits #coupleshot #couplescostume #couplestuff #coupleslove #couplesgoal #couplesquotes #couplesphotoshoot #couplesworkout #couplesshoot #couplestory #couplesofig #coupleslife #couplesnight #coupleshit

A couple posing on a scooter in Thailand

Related Hashtags 

Not all couple photos are the same. Some couples are married, some are part of the LBGTQ community and some of your couple photos might be taken whilst on vacation. For this reason, we have also included a list of couple related hashtags. All you have to do is choose the most relevant ones for your couple’s picture.

Relationship / Love Hashtags

#relationshipgoals #relationshipgoal #love #heart #cute #relationshipsgoals #boyfriend #girlfriend #gf #bf #lovehim #loveher #clingygirlfriend #girlfriendlove #relationship #relationship101 #relationships #relationships101 #relationshipmemes #Relationshipposts #relationshipquote #relationshipquotes #relationshipsbelike #relationshipsmatter #relationshipstatus #dreamlover #soulmate #dreamlovers #boyfriendandgirlfriend #boyfriendappreciation #boyfriendappreciationpost #boyfriendday #boyfriendgirlfriend #boyfriendgoals #boyfriendlove #boyfriendmaterial #boyfriendsofinstagram #boyfriendtag #boyfriendtime #girlfriendandboyfriend #girlfriendbeautiful #girlfriendgoals #girlfriendlove #girlfriendmaterial #girlfriendpost #loveher #authenticlovemag 

Travel Couple Hashtags 

#twoticketstoanywhere #travelcouple #travelcouples #coupletravel #coupleswhotravel #travellingcouples #creativetravelcouple #couplelovetravel #adventurecouple #travelingcouple #couplesthattravel #couplestravel #coupletraveltheworld #couplethattravel #earthcouples #globecouples #inspiredtravelcouples #travelcouplelife #travellingcouples #travelpassport #travelustcouples #welovetravel 

Married Couple Hashtags 

#marriagegoals #marriage #marriage101 #weddingbells #wifey #hubby #wifeywednesday #wifeyforlifey #hubbylove #wifelove #marriagelife #marriagerocks #marriages #marriagetime #marriagetips #wifelife #wife #hubbyandwifey #husband #husbandandwife #husbandandwifeteam 

LBGTQ Relationship Hashtags 

#gaycouple #lesbiancouple #lesbiancouplegoals #lgbt #femmecouple #girlswhokissgirls #lesbiankiss #loveislove #mrsandmrs #girlcouple #gaygirls #lbgtq #lovewins #pride #femmelesbian #gay #gays #gaygram #instagay #gaystagram #husbands #husbandandhusband #mrandmr #gaycouplegoals #gayrelationship #transcouple #queerlove 

A photo of a cute travel couple for related couple hashtags

Why Use Hashtags?

You’ve come to this post for a reason. Probably to find the best couple hashtags for your couples Instagram photo. But do you know the real benefits of using hashtags? Let us tell you.

First and foremost, hashtags are used to increase the chance of your photo being seen. Thus, resulting in more impressions for your photo and as a result more likes, comments and even followers. For example, we are interested in travel, so, we follow the #travel hashtag and #travelcouples hashtag. This means Instagram knows what we are interested in and shows us content containing these hashtags. We then go ahead and like or follow any travel accounts we like the look of.

Unfortunately, just copying the most popular couples hashtags into your caption will not have the effect you’re looking for – an increase in followers. This is because the most popular hashtags are indeed popular. They are used thousands of times a day. This means your photo could easily get hidden among all the other couple shots and not be seen. Instead, it’s important to use a variety of popular and less popular hashtags. More of this below.

Creating Your Own Couples Hashtags List

When creating your own couples hashtag list, you’ll need to remember a few key points.

The first and maybe most useful thing to know is that Instagram only allows you to use 30 hashtags per photo. If you use any more than this then your photo will be ‘shadow-banned’ (no new people will be able to see it.) This would make it extremely difficult or impossible for you to grow your Instagram.

As mentioned before, using a variety of hashtags is essential. Using popular hashtags can be of benefit, as more people view these hashtags which can result in more engagement for your couple photo. Popular hashtags are often followed by feature accounts (explained further down the post) and can result in your photo being noticed and reshared to a very big account. On the other hand, using too many large hashtags can get your photo buried in the thousands of other photos. Therefore, using a mix of popular and less popular hashtags is a happy medium.

One last point to consider whilst creating your very own couples hashtag list is to only use relevant hashtags. By relevant hashtags, we mean hashtags that are directly correlated to your photo by either the location, activity, brand or niche. Using relevant hashtags will allow for the correct audience to view your photo and feed. It’s all well having many impressions on your photo, but the main aim is to translate these views into engaged followers. For example, there is no point in using #food if your photo is a cute couple selfie. Yes, you might receive a few more views from foodies but that won’t relay into the desired engagment. Always use hashtags that relate to your photo.

With the above points in mind, we have created our own couples hashtag formula.

Our recommended Couples Hashtags formula:
  • 5 very popular hashtags (1-10million)
  • 10-15 popular hashtags (100k-1million)
  • 5 less popular hashtags (10k-100k)
  • 5 location hashtags – Was your couples photo taken in London? Use London-based hashtags! Is your couple photo taken during sunset? Use sunset hashtags! Are you in a cocktail bar in your photo? Use come cocktail related hashtags.
  • 1 own hashtag – Why not create your own hashtag as the big brands do? This hashtag could be your account name or something unique. Make sure to use it with all of your photos and you never know, one day you may become big enough that other accounts use it too!

There is no magic strategy that everyone should use to grow on social media. Otherwise, everyone would be insta famous! But, if you take into consideration the points we’re highlighted and adapt the formula for your needs, we’re sure you’ll start to see your account grow. It worked for us at least!

How to find the popularity of hashtags?

In order to successfully use the above couples hashtag formula, you will need to find out the popularity of the couples hashtags. One of the best ways to find out the popularity of a specific couple related hashtag is to search on Instagram itself. Once you’re on Instagram, go to the top and use the search function. All you need to do is type in the hashtag you are wanting to look for and Instagram will show you how many times that hashtag has been used before. Then, make a decision to use that hashtag (or not) in your couple hashtag list.

A screenshot of Instagram's search bar searching for couple hashtags #couple

The Best Couples Feature Accounts 

Feature accounts are a fantastic way to get more followers, likes, comments or shares for your Instagram account. How? Well, we’re going to tell you.

Feature accounts are accounts on Instagram that repost content from other Instagrammers. The photos they reshare are usually of high quality and represent their specific niche. For example, a Amsterdam feature account will only post photos of or related to Amsterdam. When they repost the photo, they will give the photo owner credit by tagging their account name in the caption or photo itself. This in hand results in exposure for the photo owner and usually means an increase in traffic to their Instagram profile. More traffic means more engagement and the desired increase in followers!

Not only does having your photo reshared on a feature account mean more engagement for your Instagram, but it also means the extra exposure is from exactly the right audience. If a couple feature account features your photo, the people who will see that photo are the followers of the couple account. And you’d like to think everyone who follows that account will be interested in couples!

But, how do I get a feature account to reshare my photo? The simple answer is to tag them. Tag all or some of the couple feature accounts below in your couple photo. They’ll then receive a notification to let them know. If they like your image, they will share it! You can also check to see if the couple feature account has their own hashtag. If they do, make sure to use this in your post too.

  • @couple
  • @couplegoals
  • @creativetravelcouples
  • @dirtybootsandmessyhair
  • @authenticlovemag
  • @itsbaefeelings
  • @beautifultravelcouples
  • @travlcouples
A couple embracing on the beach at sunset

Couples Quotes To Use For Your Instagram Couples Captions

All good Instagram photos have a cracking caption to go with them. Check out some of our favourite Couples quotes that you can use for your Instagram caption.

  • “You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” – Dr. Seuss
  • “If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day, so I never have to live without you.” – A.A. Milne
  • “True love stories never have endings.” – Richard Bach
  • “A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” – Mignon McLaughlin
  • “Some people are worth melting for.” – Frozen
  • “If you’re a bird, I’m a bird.” – The Notebook
  • “As soon as I saw you, I knew an adventure was going to happen.” – Winnie the Pooh
  • “Date Someone Who Is Both a Home and an Adventure All at once” – Unknown

Did you find our Best Couple Hashtags post helpful?

We hope you liked our ultimate couples hashtag list and it has given you all the necessary information you need to go away and grow your Instagram.

We’d love to know your experiences of using hashtags on Instagram. Have you experienced success with your own hashtag strategy? Do you have a couples Instagram account? If so, let us know in the comments. We’d love to chat and share advice.

Don’t forget to check out our Instagram too! We’d love to connect.

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