Are you looking for a trip to a real paradise? Tropical Islands that have picture-perfect white sand beaches and glistening turquoise waters? Well, look know further than the three Gili Islands that are known as Gili Trawangan, Meno and Air. If you’re already planning to visit, then our Ultimate Gili Islands Travel guide can tell you everything you need to know.

Our Gili Islands travel guide covers everything from “how to get to the Gili islands?”, to “Which Gili island is the best to stay on?”. We also cover questions like where to stay, eat and party on the Gili Islands. Our guide shares our complete knowledge about travelling to the Gili Islands so that you can make your trip to paradise as perfect as it can be!

What’s Covered In Our Ultimate Gili Islands Travel Guide?

Ultimate Gili Islands Travel Guide:
General Information

Gili Trawangan beach on the east side of Gili T, Lombok.

Why Should You Visit The Gili Islands?

The Gili Islands are a group of 3, very small islands off the coast of Bali and Lombok. They’re literally picture perfect and something you’d see on the front of a postcard. We’re talking about the whitest sand beaches, palm trees and turquoise blue waters.

The fact that there are no motorised vehicles on the islands makes them that bit more appealing. There’s a real experience of small tropical island life that is hard to find elsewhere.

Despite the fact that the islands are tiny, there are a great variety of things to do. In fact, the islands are well known for world-class scuba diving opportunities. Likewise, there is great snorkelling fun to be had too and we can’t talk highly enough about the life-changing sunsets you’ll see. Obviously, relaxing on the beach with a cocktail is another great pass time.

Of course…there is a great party scene too for those party orientated travellers. But that’s confined to just Gili Trawangan.

We think a trip to the Gili Islands is best suited to the younger travellers (18-30) and couples. Though older travellers looking to have fun or get their PADI dive certificate will love it too.

Personally, we think young families could have a good time here, but there might be better options in Bali. We don’t think older travellers (60+) are suited to the Gili Islands as they’re not the most accessible and lack a lot of amenities.

A low perspective of a palm tree and sky on the Gili Islands.

Overall, we think the Gili Islands are amazing for:
  • World-class scuba diving opportunities
  • Getting your PADI dive certificates
  • Amazing snorkelling
  • Relaxing on a white sand beach
  • Experiencing life-changing sunsets
  • Living the small tropical island life
  • Getting away from the chaotic Bali traffic
  • Meeting other travellers
  • Partying

We must say that we’ve heard many mixed opinions about the Gili Islands. There are many people who insist that the party atmosphere ruins it. But, trust us, don’t let this put you off.

The wild parties take place only on Gili T and are non-existent on Gili Air or Meno. Even on Gili T, you can simply stay away from the party area, have a great time and a solid nights sleep.

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Which Gili Island Should You Visit?

You’ve decided that you’re going to visit the Gili Islands. There are 3 islands, so now your problem is choosing which one to stay on. Do you stay on one of the islands and visit the others on a day trip, or do you stay on more than one of the islands?

We get it. This is a problem a lot of first-timers face when visiting the Gili Islands. We’ll give you an overview of each island below, and hopefully, you’ll be better prepared for deciding which of the islands to visit.

Gili Trawangan

Outside Egoiste restaurant on the main road of Gili Trawangan.

Gili Trawangan, or ‘Gili T’, is the largest and most populated of the 3 islands. This is known as the ‘party island’. The one where you’ll find the most restaurants, hotels/villas, shops, bars and…other tourists.

Some people think that the island has too much development and has been ruined. We think this is nonsense and have had an amazing time both times we’ve visited. Yes, there are lots of other people and it’s not a desert island paradise like some may make out.

It is still beautiful though. Where else can you walk straight off the beach and swim with turtles? Gili Trawangan has the best view of the sunset too, as there are no other islands obstructing the view!

If you know what to expect and take it for what it is, Gili Trawangan is still an amazing island. Just manage your expectations and you’ll love your time here.

Gili T is best for:
Partying, meeting other travellers, a great variety of food and unobstructed views of the sunset.

Gili Air

A quiet sandy road with bars and restaurants in Gili Air, Lombok.

Gili Air is the second-largest island and the closest to the coast of Lombok. In terms of development and tourism, Gili Air is much more subdued than Gili T. But, it’s more developed and livelier than Gili Meno.

Think of Gili Air as the island that offers a bit of both islands. There are some fantastic places to grab food, cocktails on the beach and to listen to live music. But, there’s no late-night party scene like that of Gili T.

On the flip side, there are many places where you can relax in peace. Without the sound of 100 other travellers passing by behind you, much like on Gili Meno.

Gili Air is best for:
Those who are looking for more tranquillity than the crazier Gili T. But also, those who want more amenities and western eateries than Gili Meno offers. This island might just be the perfect choice for young couples.

Gili Meno

Gili Meno, Lombok, as viewed from a boat, looking back at the island.

Gili Meno is the smallest and least developed island by some distance. It’s by far the most laid back and relaxed of the islands too.

In fact, there’s not a great deal to do on the island other than to relax, chill out on the beach and read a book. This is definitely part of its appeal though and one of the reasons many travellers choose to stay on Gili Meno.

Eating will be a much more local affair, as there’s not too much western food to choose from.

Gili Meno is best for: Really embracing the tranquil, remote tropical island vibes. It’s said to be the most popular island for honeymooners, who want nothing much than to spend time with each other.

Ultimate Gili Islands Travel Guide:
Typical Prices On The Gili Islands

The swimming pool area of Flamingo Gili Trawangan.

Guest House – 400K (£22.80) Per Night

Bicycle 50K (£2.80) Per Day

Local Food  – 40K (£2.20) For a plate of local food at a warung

Western Food 100K (£5) For a typical western meal

Bottle Of Beer Small/Large  – 30K (£1.70)/ 50K (£2.80) At a bar or restaurant

Snorkelling Gear – 50K (£2.80) Per Day

Ultimate Gili Islands Travel Guide:
Gili Islands Transport Information

The Best Way To Get To The Gili Islands

As the Gili Islands are, well, islands you only have one option for getting there. Via Boat. If you know a better way then please do let us know.

There are multiple places you can catch a boat from. The main areas that you’ll likely travel from in Bali are Sanur, Padang Bai or Amed. There are fast boats leaving multiple times a day from each of these locations.

We highly recommend departing from Amed for those of you that get sea-sick. The crossing is the shortest point from Bali to Gili Trawangan and on a good day takes just 30 minutes.

Fastboat tickets can be organised by many hotels, guesthouses and ‘tourist information’ stands. We recommend always trying to negotiate the price of your ticket down. Often, you’ll be able to grab a ticket for way under the advertised price.

You can also reach the Gili Islands if you’re travelling from Lombok. Public boats leave many times a day from Bangsal harbour and are much cheaper than the fast boats from Bali. As the Gili Islands are just off the coast of Lombok, the boat journey will take just 15-20 minutes!

Tickets can be bought from the office located in Bangsal harbour.

How Long Does It Take To Get To The Gili Islands?

The Bluewater Express fast boat that operates from Bali to the Gili Islands.

How long it takes to get to the Gili Islands really depends on where you depart from. But, it also depends on the sea conditions, how efficient your boat company is and how smoothly the journey goes.

We’ve listed some typical travel time to the Gili Islands below. Though be aware that these are made on the assumption that everything runs smoothly, and the sea conditions are good.

Typical journey times to the Gili Islands:

Sanur: 2 – 3 Hours

Padang Bai: 2 – 3 Hours

Amed: 30 minutes to 1 hour

Lombok: 20 minutes

It’s worth noting that these journey times are to Gili Trawangan. Boat companies usually stop at Gili T first before proceeding on the next islands. So, if you’re on Gili Meno or Air, then you’re journey time is likely to be a little longer.

How To Get Around The Gili Islands?

We’ve mentioned that the Gili’s don’t have any motorised vehicles. So, how do you get around the islands? Well, they’re small, easy to get around and you essentially have 3 options for transport:


One of our favourite ways to get around the Gili’s is on foot. Not only because it’s good exercise, but you get to explore the island at a slower pace and interact with the locals along the way.

Gili T is the biggest of the 3 islands and walking around the perimeter can be done in less than 2 hours. You can walk straight across/through the island in about 40 minutes. Though, you probably won’t need to do this, unless you want to explore, as nearly everything on the island is grouped together surrounding the harbour.


Becky of 'TwoTicketsToAnywhere' riding a bicycle through Gili Trawangan at sunset.

Another great way to get around is to hire a bicycle. They can be rented from just about every man, woman, cat, shop, stand, shack, guesthouse or hotel on the island. You get the point, they’re easy to find.

Do note that a lot of the bikes, especially from guesthouses and small shops aren’t in great condition. Though, they’re definitely rideable. You can hire new, fat tyred, mountain bikes to navigate the island but these come at an added cost.


A cidomo (horse and carriage) on Gili Trawangan, one of the main ways to get around the Gili islands.

Cidomo? Whats a Cidomo? It’s the name of the small horse-drawn carriages you’ll see all over the islands. They congregate mainly around the harbour and wait for people to hop in. They’re mainly used by people with a lot of luggage and those who have chosen to stay on the far side of the island.

We’ve personally never used them as we aren’t sure how the horses are treated, they’re expensive and we prefer to walk.

How To Get Between The Gili Islands?

The island hopper boat on Gili Trawangan that is used to get to Gili Air and Gili Meno.

We’ve covered how to get around on each of the Gili Islands. But how do you get between them? For example, what’s the best way to get from Gili Trawangan to Gili Air or Gili Meno?

Fortunately, getting between the islands is easy enough. There are island hopping boats that leave/return multiple times per day and travel between the 3 islands. Simply head to the harbour of your respective island and grab a ticket.

But do be sure to keep an eye on the time, as you don’t want to end up missing the last boat back!

Ultimate Gili Islands Travel Guide:
Top Things To Do In The Gili Islands

Chill at the beach

Now, this may sound obvious, but relaxing at the beach on Gili T is the best thing to do.

Most places offer free sunbeds if you purchase a drink too. So, if you’ve ever needed an excuse to grab a cold beer or cocktail on the beach then you’ve found the perfect one?

Just to the left of the harbour was our favourite place to chill as the walk into the water is less rocky.

Explore The Underwater

A turtle swimming through the waters just off the coast of the Gili Islands.

One word. Turtles. Gili T is one of the best places to get up close and personal with these magnificent creatures. The island even has its own ‘turtle point’ where it’s nearly impossible not to see a turtle.

You can choose to snorkel like us and see a variety of fish, coral, and underwater life or simply walk into the water at turtle point and you’re more than likely to see a turtle without even getting your hair wet.

Another option is to give scuba diving a go. The island is full of diving schools for beginners right through to advanced. Take a trip to Gili Meno and see the famous underwater statues.

Diving centres on Gili Trawangan:

Blue Marlin Dive Gili Trawangan @bluemarlindivegilit
Trawangan Dive @trawangandive
Manta Dive Gili Trawangan @mantadivegilit

Admire Gili T By Bike

One of our favourite things to do on Gili T was to ride bikes around the whole island. You can ride around the perimeter in around 1-2 hours.

To explore more, we recommend delving into the middle of the island to see the true island life. Find locals going about their daily routine, unique wooden houses and various wildlife.

Some guesthouses and hotels offer bikes for free or head to the main strip to easily rent one.

Top tip: Ride around the island in the early morning to avoid ‘traffic’ and people getting in your way. If you decide to ride around the perimeter then expect to walk the bike on the sand as some parts do not have paved road. 

Never miss a sunset

So technically, you don’t need to be on Gili Trawangan to see the sunset. But, hands down, it’s one of our favourite places to be to watch the sun go down.

There’s nothing quite like watching the sun disappear behind the horizon. Chilling out on the beach, watching the day come to an end and the sky light up is one of the best free things in life.

Top tip: Go to the west of the island and choose one of the many beach bars to sit back and relax with a cocktail in hand. 

On a budget? Buy a few Bintangs from the shop and sit on the beach!

For MORE Things to do in Gili Trawangan – click HERE

Ultimate Gili Islands Travel Guide:
Where To Eat

You might expect such small islands to have a lack of great places to eat. In reality, there are some fantastic eateries on the Gili Islands. There is a good variety too, you can find a mix between really good local, Western and other Asian cuisines.

As we’ve spent time on both islands, we will give you a list of our top places to eat on Gili Trawangan and Gili Air.

The Best Places To Eat On Gili Trawangan

Regina Pizzeria – @ReginaPizza

We don’t usually list places to eat in any specific order. But Regina Pizzeria comes first as it’s absolutely our top place to eat in Gili Trawangan. We know, pizza isn’t exactly ‘embracing the local culture’ but the Italian chef serves up life-changing pizza here. It’s honestly one of the best pizzas we’ve ever had.

Besides pizza, you can grab a variety of pasta dishes too and all at great prices!

Open: 5pm – 11pm Daily
Location: Jalan Ikan Hiu, Gili Trawangan 83126

Casa Vintage – @CasaVintageLiving 

The perfect place to grab dinner on the beach with a sunset view. Casa Vintage sits on the western side of Gili Trawangan and offers unparalleled views of the sunset. They have a varied menu that mainly consists of vegan and vegetarian dishes.

Open: 8am – 11pm Daily
Location: Trawangan Gili 83352, Gili Indah, Pemenang

Gili Teak – @Gili_Teak

Nearby Casa Vintage, Gili Teak is another restaurant where you can grab dinner with a sunset view. Their menu offers more dishes with meat than Casa Vintage and includes foods like pasta, pizza and burgers.

Open: 7:30am – 10pm Daily
Location: Jl. Sunset, Gili Indah, Pemenang

The Pearl Of Trawangan – @PearlOfTrawangan

This restaurant is part of the luxury Gili T hotel ‘The Pearl Of Trawangan’. They have a varied menu with many Asian inspired dishes but also serve up gnocchi dishes and delicious burgers.

The prices are higher than elsewhere on the island but the quality certainly justifies the higher prices. They also have the best cocktails on the island. So it’s the perfect place to grab a meal on the beach for a super romantic dinner.

Open: 7am – 10:30pm Daily
Location: Jl. Pantai Gili Trawangan, Desa Gili Indah, Kec. Pemenang, Gili Indah, Pemenang

Kayu Café – @KayuCafeGili

Kayu Café is located right on the main strip of the island and has to be the best place to get breakfast on Gili Trawangan. They’re also said to have the islands best coffee too. We remember they do serve a variety of dishes, with an emphasis on (but not limited to) vegetarian and vegan foods. At the very least, their omelettes and smoothie bowls are a great way to start the day!

Open: 7am – 10pm Daily
Location: Jl. Pantai Gili Trawangan, Desa Gili Indah, Kec. Pemenang, Gili Indah, Pemenang

Hellocapitano – @hellocapitanocafe

Outside of the cafe, Hellocapitano, in Gili Trawangan, Lombok.

The Hellocapitano 'Choco Loco' smoothie bowl is one of the best breakfasts on the Gili Islands.

Hellocapitano is a small cafe with a big personality and LOTS of colour. We randomly stumbled across this cafe-shack one day and are so glad we did. The eatery is a colourfully painted shack-like structure that serves up amazing coffee, healthy food and has a great view of the beach and ocean! If you’re looking for the best smoothie bowls on Gili Trawangan then head to Hellocapitano, because we found their choco bowl to among the best we’ve ever had!

Open: 7am – 7pm Daily
Location: Jalan Nautilus, Gili Indah, Pemenang, Kabupaten Lombok Utara

Pituq Café – @PituqCo

Highly touted to be the best vegan food in the Gili Islands. Pituq café is known for serving up great, fresh, vegan Indonesian dishes as well as a variety of healthy juices and smoothies. Their café is set in a very peaceful area, so you can feel tranquil as you fill your bellies.

Open: 9am – 10pm Saturday to Wednesday (3pm – 10pm Thursday & Friday)
Location: Jalan Villa, Jl. Klp. Gili Trawangan, Gili Trawangan, Pemenang

The Gili Trawangan Night Market

A street food vendor at his stand at the Gili Trawangan Night Market.

The night market is one of our favourite places and probably the cheapest place to eat on Gili T. Every night along the waterfront near the harbour, stalls set up shop. You can find many dishes that vary from freshly BBQ’d chicken and a big variety of fresh seafood. We love eating here as you can build a plate on a per-item basis and eat as little or as much as you like!

Unfortunately, some of our favourite restaurants in Gili T suffered from earthquakes in 2018. Upon returning to the island, we found many places to be permanently closed. The night market suffered too but was able to relocate and re-open, albeit on a much smaller scale than before.

Open: 6:30pm – 1am Daily
Location: Jl. Pantai Gili Trawangan, Desa Gili Indah, Kec. Pemenang, Gili Indah, Pemenang

For MORE places to eat in Gili Trawangan – click HERE

The Best Places To Eat On Gili Air

Mowies – @MowiesGiliAir

This beachfront location is the perfect spot to grab some food and watch the sun go down. The menu is a fusion between Asian and Western dishes. We really like getting here early, sitting on their bean bags with an ice-cold beer before grabbing some food from their menu.

Open: 8am – 2:30pm and 5pm – 9pm Daily
Location: Jl Pantai Gili Air, Gili Indah, Pemenang

Mama Pizza – @MamaPizza_GiliAir

When we heard that there was great pizza on Gili Air we had to compare it against our beloved Regina Pizzeria. We don’t think it quite matches up to its Gili T counterpart, but their Napoli style pizza was amazing, nonetheless. We’d even go as far as saying that they serve much better pizza than most places in Europe!

Open: 12pm – 11pm Daily
Location: Jl Pantai Gili Air, Gili Indah, Pemenang

Captain Coconuts – @CaptainCoconutsGili

This café is a part of the Captain Coconuts Bungalows accommodation. It’s a great place to grab fresh food made with high-quality ingredients. They cater to everybody, but their vegan options might be the best vegan food on Gili Air. We particularly loved their pancakes, smoothie bowls, smoothie…oh, and their cocktails!

Open: 8am – 8pm Daily
Location: Jalan Sunset Gili Air, Gili Indah, Gili Indah, Pemenang

We haven’t spent as much time on Gili Air as we have Gili T. So we haven’t had as much chance to eat around the island. Our list is clearly not extensive and we’re sure there are other great places to eat on the island, but these are just our top recommendations.

Ultimate Gili Islands Travel Guide:
Where To Drink

If you’re looking to have a good drinking session and party then look no further than Gili T. It is the only island out of the 3 that has a wild party scene and late-night ‘clubs’. Now if you’re wondering where to party on Gili Trawangan then take a look at some of our top spots listed down below!

Where To Party In Gili Trawangan

SamaSama Bar – @SamaSamaBar

The outside of Sama Sama Reggae Bar in the daytime on Gili Trawangan.

SamaSama bar is by far our favourite place to drink in Gili T. This reggae bar is open every night and has a live band on the main stage between 9 pm-1 am. On Saturdays, the band plays until 3 am! Honestly, the atmosphere here is amazing. You can get up and dance or sit back and sing along. It’s an all-around great place where you can have a really fun night and meet other travellers.

Jiggy Bar – @JiggyBoatParty

The front of Jiggy Bar, home to the famous Gili Islands boat party.

Jiggy bar is well known for being one of the best late-night bars on Gili T. They’re probably even better known for their Jiggy boat parties that let you get out on the water and party as the sun goes down. After dark, the music gets louder and guests can get involved with beer pong tournaments and the like. The party goes on until the early hours of the morning.

Jiggy’s main party night is Tuesday, though their boat parties go multiple times a week during high season!

Evolution Bar – @EvolutionBar

People socialising and playing beer pong in Evolution Bar on Gili Trawangan.

Evolution Bar is another bar located on the main strip. They own the Sunday night of partying on the island. They’re well known for their beer pong tournaments and other drinking games. There’s an international leadership board outside the bar for those patriotic drinkers of you, looking to do your country proud!

Ombak Bar – @Ombak.Bar

Ombak bar is the islands go-to place for everything house, dance and techno. It’s open late every night and is often pumping out loud music earlier than any other bar in the area.

The Gili T Bar Crawl – @GiliTPubCrawl

The Gili T ‘pub crawl’ is a new addition to the island since our first visit to the island in 2017. The bar crawl happens 3 times a week on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Included in the 250K ticket price you’ll get a free shirt, free bucket, shots, all-night happy hours and other treats like drinking games.

This definitely isn’t our kind of thing but we can see why it’s appealing to some. The bar crawl could definitely be a great way to meet new people if you’re a solo traveller.

Sunset Bar

Information about this ‘bar’ might be a little vague on our part. That’s because Sunset Bar is more of a hut/shack than a real bar. However, they play some loud, reggae and hip-hop beats and is our favourite place to watch the sunset on Gili Trawangan. It’s the simplicity of this bar that we absolutely love.

It’s never busy, there are multiple picnic-style benches for you to chill on, a perfect view of the sunset and the large Bintang is just 45K. Once the sun goes down, they start a bonfire, there is nothing to not love about this simple place!

Tiki Grove – @Tiki_Grove

The interior decoration of Tiki Grove, the Gili Islands only Tiki Bar.

Tiki Grove claims to be the only true Tiki bar in Indonesia. We’re not sure if that’s true, but one thing we do know is they serve the best cocktails on the Gili Islands. The bar is kitted out in true Tiki style and has a menu of amazing rum-based cocktails.

Each day at Tiki Grove there is a happy hour with one of their cocktails on offer. We tried and loved the Sharkbait, Zombie, Coffee Colada…and just about everything else on the menu. One thing you can be sure of is that the rum that goes into these cocktails is genuine and they’re served up STRONG.

The two cocktails, 'TG Pick up' and 'Zombie', at Tiki Grove in Gili Trawangan.

Malibu Beach Club – @MalibuBeachClub

Malibu beach club is another of our favourite sunset spots in Gili T. If you’re looking for something a little comfier than our other suggestion, Sunset Bar, then head to Malibu! They have an equally good view of the sunset, comfy daybeds and beachfront beanbags to chill out on and chilled beats to listen to.

There are happy hour deals on the cocktails, a food menu and as always….Bintang.

The outside of Malibu Beach club in Gili Trawangan.

Many people sitting on beanbags watching the sun go down behind the Gili Islands, Lombok.

Ultimate Gili Islands Travel Guide:
Where To Stay

Where to stay in Gili Trawangan

Backpacker Budget
Wombats BnB – Not too far from Sunset point, this BnB offers private rooms with air-con and free breakfast at a very reasonable rate.

Mid-range – Budget
Jali Resort – A 3* hotel with budget prices. It has a great pool and offers free bicycles so you can explore the island easily. One of the top-rated places on the whole of Gili T.

Pearl of Trawangan – Even if you choose not to stay here this eye-catching hotel can’t be missed whilst you’re walking around the island. Its rustic design is beautiful and is the best hotel on the island for luxury at an amazing price!

For more accommodation in Gili T, you can check here.  

Where to stay in Gili Air

Backpacker Budget

Captain Coconuts Gili Air – If you’re looking for a unique experience, then Captain Coconuts is for you!  The dormitory beds are one of a kind and gently swing from the ceiling. How cool is that?! This place is perfect for those wanting to make friends. We chose the private room option and had a lovely stay.


The Amelya Hotel and Villa Gili Air – Want luxury on a budget? This is your place. The Amelya Hotel and Villa is a 4* accommodation with crisp clean rooms and a great pool. These unique wooden bungalows are only a 5-minute walk away from the harbour.


Dolcemare Resort – Although this resort is 4*, it’s still one of the most luxurious on the island. Check out the incredible swimming pool and amazing Italian food cooked by the owners.

For more accommodation in Gili Air, you can check here. 

Where to stay in Gili Meno

Backpacker Budget
Rapa Lumbung Homestay These bungalows come with air conditioning, a double bed and free breakfast for as little as £8! This is one of the best places to stay on Gili Meno for those on a budget.

Mid-range – Budget
Meno Dream Resort – This simple but highly rated 3*  resort offers free drinking water, a hot shower and even has a pool. Stay at this place if you want a tropical island feel.

MAHAMAYA Gili Meno   Located on the beach itself, Mahamaya boutique resort offers amazing sea views. Stay here for a peaceful and relaxing time in Gili Meno.

For more accommodation in Gili Meno, you can check here.

Ultimate Gili Islands Travel Guide:
Things To Know

One of the many beaches which run around the perimeter of Gili Trawangan.

There are some other tips we want to share with you for travelling in the Gili Islands. These tips fall outside the general travel information that we provide. The list below is a set of random, but helpful tips that we think you should be aware of before visiting the islands.

Top Tips For Travelling In The Gili Islands

  • Some hotels/guesthouses are on the far side of the islands. We do not recommend staying there unless you’re willing to walk across the island in the heat.
  • Sometimes boats to and from the islands are cancelled due to sea conditions. These are usually the afternoon crossing so try to get an early boat if you can.
  • There are frequent power cuts on the island. So, there is not always a stable power supply or stable WiFi if you plan to do work here.
  • There are ATMs but we recommend bringing extra cash. Especially as they can go down for hours with the power cuts.
  • Bring sunscreen with you. Sunscreen on the islands is ridiculously expensive. Like seriously…£20 a bottle.
  • There are many people hanging around offering to sell you drugs. Avoid them at all costs.
  • Magic mushrooms are sold openly on the island and in cafes. They come on pizzas, in smoothies or on their own. Be cautious, we know many people who’ve gotten sick from trying them.
  • There is no set police presence on the islands.
  • There are doctors on the islands, but there’s not exactly hospital-grade health care. Be careful and look after yourself! The last thing you want to do is find yourself being cared for in a shack.
  • There’s a lack of places to buy data/top up your phone. Some places ONLY sell sim cards at a premium. If you need to buy data, make sure you do it before you arrive on the islands.
  • Try to find accommodation away from the clubs and mosques unless you’d like to stay up all night to the sound of music and then be woken to the call of prayer.

Did you find our Ultimate Gili Islands Travel Guide useful?

We’d love to know if you found our ultimate Gili Islands travel guide useful. Was it your first time visiting the Gili Ilands or have you been before? We want to know if we helped you have a great trip or if we helped you to find some new places. Is there anything we missed out that you want to know about? Don’t hesitate to ask us in the comments or directly on Instagram. And please do check out our other Gili Island related blog posts!

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