Kuala Lumpur is a great choice of destination if you’re travelling through Southeast Asia. There’s so much to do there that it can be hard to decide. So, we’ve put together a guide for planning the perfect Kuala Lumpur Itinerary. 

You might be questioning, is Kuala Lumpur worth visiting? It is! 

The city has an amazing mix of cultural influences with Malay, Chinese and Indian roots. There’s a large amount of modern development within the city, so it’s easy to stay in your comfort zone. However, the city has stayed true enough to itself that you know you’re right in the heart of Southeast Asia. It’s the perfect balance between new and old that makes the city so interesting.

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How many days should you spend in Kuala Lumpur?

How many days should you spend in KL? We’re glad you asked. Our opinion is ‘as many as you can’. But of course, not everybody has as much time to spend here as we do. 

For most travellers, we’d recommend spending between 2 and 3 days in Kuala Lumpur. This will give you adequate time to visit KL’s main attractions, sample its finest foods and hit up the best shopping malls. 

We’ve heard travellers say that Kuala Lumpur doesn’t have much to do. In our opinion, this couldn’t be further from the truth. There are actually many places to visit in Kuala Lumpur in 1, 2, 3 or even 4 days! If anything, you’ll find you won’t have enough time to visit everything. As opposed to having too much time and not enough things to do.

How to plan the perfect Kuala Lumpur Itinerary

The amount of time you are spending in KL will ultimately determine what we recommend for you to see and do. We have broken the KL itinerary planning process down into multiple sections. These sections are recommended itineraries for 1, 2, 3 or 4-day visits to Kuala Lumpur. 

Of course, we enjoy and recommend all of the activities in this KL itinerary. However, the sections have been created in a way that prioritises the places we think you should visit first. 

We have made it this way so that you can make the most out of your trip no matter how long you’re spending in KL. If you’re spending one day in the city then only focus on the “Kuala Lumpur itinerary for 1-day” section. If you’re spending 2 days in KL, then add on the second day of activities. So on and so forth…

With no further chit chat, let’s discuss all of the best places to visit in Kuala Lumpur in 1, 2, 3 or 4 days!

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Map of the best places to see in Kuala Lumpur in 1, 2, 3 or 4 day trips

Kuala Lumpur itinerary for 1 day

If for whatever reason, you’re only planning a one day trip to Kuala Lumpur, then this section is for you. We’ve started with the most central part of the city, and two of the best places to visit in KL in one day. 

You’ll spend your only day exploring two of the Golden Triangle’s popular areas; Bukit Bintang and KLCC.

Morning: Admire the Bukit Bintang street art

You can start of your Kuala Lumpur itinerary by exploring some epic street art. The whole area looks like it has been hit by an artistic colour bomb. These backroads in Bukit Bintang were once (apparently) dirty and unattractive. However, you’d never have guessed it, as the series of roads now offer many stunning murals.

The paint literally covers everything. From the walls of the tall surrounding buildings, the steps and even the ground itself. 

This is a great, free, activity that you can use to fill up a spare hour or so in the morning. Overall, it’s well worth the visit. At the very least you’ll be able to admire the artwork and get some really cool colourful photos.

Getting there:

If you head towards Changkat Bukit Bintang, you’ll pass by the top of Jalan Alor food street. Carry on and look out on the right-hand side of the road. You’ll see the street art and can explore the back streets from here.

Afternoon: Explore Bukit Bintang walk

To kick off your afternoon in KL, we recommend heading right into the thick of it at Bukit Bintang street junction. You’ll know you’ve arrived by the bright, times square-like, flashing advertisement boards and the buzz of the KL locals.

Bukit Bintang is a must-visit for anybody spending one day in Kuala Lumpur. This hyper trendy area is KL’s entertainment district. It is here you’ll find mega shopping malls and a wealth of great places to grab lunch. 

We recommend you choose one of the many shopping malls to explore. They’re all great, however, Pavilion and Berjaya times square are two of our favourites.

You can choose everything from budget clothes shops to high-end fashion retailers. Alternatively, you can spend your time eating your way through a food court or visit the cinema. The Berjaya Times Square shopping mall even houses a rollercoaster!

Getting there:

From Bukit Bintang street art you’ll have to head back up Changkat Bukit Bintang towards KFC. At this junction, turn left and head a few hundred yards up the road to arrive at the Bukit Bintang intersection.

Evening: Eat on Jalan Alor and visit the Petronas Twin Towers

To cap off your one day Kuala Lumpur itinerary we’ve left you with three of our favourite activities. No one day trip to KL would be complete without eating great food on Jalan Alor or visiting the Petronas Towers. We’ve also included a bonus activity of watching a free musical fountain shower in KLCC park. 

Eat on Jalan Alor

Once you’re done exploring the Bukit Bintang mega-malls you’ll want to grab some food. If you’re anything like us and have been waiting to feast on some great local food then head to Jalan Alor. 

From the permanent seafood restaurants to the hawker stalls, Jalan Alor is one of the best places to eat in Kuala Lumpur!

Jalan Alor might be famous for its seafood but there’s something to satisfy every taste bud here. The atmosphere is electric and you’ll find both locals and tourists looking to fill their bellies. Whatever you choose to eat, we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

Getting there:

Jalan Alor is no more than a 10-minute walk from any of Bukit Bintangs shopping malls. We recommend starting at the ‘top’ of Jalan Alor, which forms a T-junction with Changkat Bukit Bintang.

Visit the Petronas Twin Towers

If you only had time to visit one place in Kuala Lumpur, this is what we’d tell you to see. 

Once the tallest skyscraper in the world and a symbol of Malaysian pride, this is one stop you won’t want to miss. No trip to Kuala Lumpur would be complete without a picture of you in front of the Petronas Twin Towers. 

The towers are visible from all over the city. However, there is no doubt that they’re best viewed up close! We’ve left this activity until the evening as the Petronas Towers look all the more impressive at night time. In the evening, they light up and truly dominate the surrounding skyscrapers. 

Our best advice is to view the towers from both sides, as they look amazing from all angles. To get around the building, walk straight through the KLCC Suria Shopping mall. 

Suria KLCC is another of KL’s glitzy malls with high-end shops and lots of eateries. We recommend heading to the bottom floor to try out some cheap local desserts at Nyonya Colors!

Getting there:

To get to the Petronas Towers from Jalan Alor you have a number of options:

  • Walk. It will take approximately 25 minutes to reach the towers.
  • Take a Grab. It should cost no more than RM10.
  • Use the free GoKL hop-on-hop-off bus. For more information visit the GoKL website.

Watch the Symphony Musical Fountain Show

If seeing the illuminated towers dominate the night sky isn’t enough then turn your attention to the stunning fountain show. By all accounts, this is the perfect way to finish up your one day Kuala Lumpur itinerary.

Every night, the fountains on the lake dance to the sound of music and perform a colourful light show. It’s one of our favourite nighttime activities in Kuala Lumpur and the perfect way to end your day.

You can catch the show at 8 pm, 9 pm and 10 pm. It gets busy, so, arrive early to find somewhere to sit.

Where is the Symphony fountain show?

You can find the light and musical fountain show on ‘Simfoni Lake’ right behind the towers. Exit out the back of KLCC Suria Mall and the lake is just in front of the entrance.

Summary of our one day Kuala Lumpur itinerary

We’ve really tried to show you all of the best places to see in Kuala Lumpur in one day. So, we grouped together the activities that we thought were the best for any KL first-timer. And, we also took into consideration the activities that make sense to complete together as they are nearby. 

Hopefully, we’ve given you a taste of the three things Kuala Lumpur is known for; culture, food and shopping.

Kuala Lumpur itinerary for 2 days

Now, this section is for those of you who are lucky to have at least 48 hours in Kuala Lumpur. If you’re spending at least 2 days in KL then we recommend combining today’s activities with those we mentioned above. 

For your second day exploring this wonderful city, we’re going to hit you with some more shopping, culture and great food. However, this time you’ll see these activities from a slightly different perspective. Today we’ll be exploring the cities most famous temple and the third part of the ‘Golden Triangle’…Chinatown!

Morning: Visit the Batu Caves

To start off the second half of your 48 hours in Kuala Lumpur we recommend for you to visit the Batu Caves. If you spend any time on Instagram then you’ll know all about the Batu Caves! The caves, located in a large limestone hill, are one of Kuala Lumpur’s most visited tourist attractions and the cities most famous temple.

There are two main reasons this place is so popular with tourists. The first is the photogenic (Insta-worthy) entrance with the gigantic Murugan statue and steep, colourful flights of steps. The second is the temple(s) which are located within the caves. At the top of the 272 steps, you’ll find the massive main cave, which is home to multiple Hindu shrines.

You might be surprised to find some local wildlife at the Batu Caves too. Mischievous monkeys live in the area and are almost always found on the steps. They run up and down, playing and fighting with each other.

All in all, the monkeys won’t threaten you. However, we recommend not trying to interact with them or having any loose items (such as food) on the outside of your bag. If you do, you’ll make yourself a target, as the monkeys can’t help themselves from grabbing themselves a new toy or interesting lunch.

Getting there:

There are multiple ways of getting to the caves including bus and taxis. Our preferred way is to head to KL Sentral and take the KTM Komuter line straight to Batu Caves. The ticket costs between RM2 – RM3.

Afternoon – Check out Merdeka Square and Central Market

After your morning at the Batu Caves, head back to central KL. We recommend filling your afternoon with these two activities as they are really close together and don’t take up a great deal of time. 

Merdeka Square and Sultan Abdul Samad Building

Merdeka Square (Independence square) is an absolute must-visit. It is an iconic and important piece of Malaysian history, being the location that Malaya independence was declared in 1957.

The Sultan Abdul Samad building flanks the square. Built over 120 years ago this building is of great historical importance. Because it once hosted the British Colonial administration offices. Today, less interestingly, it is home to the Ministry of communications and multimedia.

We have to say though, on this occasion, it’s not what’s on the inside that counts, it’s the outside. Tourists flock to this building for its wonderful exterior which is inclusive of the 40-metre high clock tower. If you’re looking for a great picture then this has to be on your list.

Getting there:

From the Batu Caves, take the KTM back to KL Sentral. Then, use the LRT line to Masjid Jamek LRT Station. Merdeka Square can be reached with a short 6-minute walk from the station.

Explore Central Market and Kasturi Walk

Built-in 1928, Central Market is a significant cultural landmark. Today, it’s filled with boutiques shops, handicraft stores and souvenirs stalls. You’ll also find eateries ranging from a food court, and local chains like Old Town White Coffee.

The stalls inside the market are as beautiful as they are interesting. They are definitely worth visiting. Especially if you’re looking to find something unique to take home with you.

Outside of the market, you’ll find Kasturi walk. The narrow, pedestrianised passageway is lined with food vendors and markets stalls either side. You’ll find a number of souvenirs, foods and clothes on offer. 

It’s here, on Kasturi Walk, that you’ll find one of our favourite Malaysian sweet treats. Seek out the ‘Putu Bambu Tradisi’ stall and pick up 5 pieces of Putu Bambu for RM3.50. The warm, green, pandan infused treat is filled with delicious palm sugar. You won’t be disappointed.

Getting there:

From Merdeka Square, Central Market and Kasturi walk can be reached within 5 minutes on foot.

Evening: Visit the frantic Petaling Street 

No two day Kuala Lumpur itinerary would be completed without visiting the heart of the city’s Chinatown. We recommend finishing up your second day in KL here because it’s fun to explore and has many great places to eat. 

Petaling street is more than just one street, it’s more a small area of pure excitement. You’ll find tons of Chinese street food, all brands of clothing and lots of discounted electronics here. It’s a shopping experience and eating experience rolled into one. 

You can visit during the day time, but the area really comes to life at night. In the evening, many roadside food stalls open for business and it’s hailed as one of Kuala Lumpur’s best eating experiences. We absolutely love to grab some food, an ice-cold beer and watch on as the crowds pass on by.

Getting there:

Petaling Street is also very close to Central Market. You’ll be able to walk straight down Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock and reach Petaling Street in 5 minutes.

Summary of our two day Kuala Lumpur itinerary

The second day has been another culture, shopping and food-filled day, albeit from a different perspective. We’ve swapped the Petronas Towers for the Batu Caves and the glitzy shopping malls for the boutique Central Market. When it comes to food, we’ve now sent you to the famous Jalan Alor food street and night time hawkers of KL’s Chinatown. 

We hope by now we’ve shown you the absolute best places to visit in Kuala Lumpur in 2 days. In all honesty, we think this is the perfect way for any first-timer to spend 48 hours in KL!

Kuala Lumpur itinerary for 3 days

For most first time travellers, we’d recommend spending 36 hours in Kuala Lumpur. This will give you enough time to really get a feeling for what the city is about. There’s more than enough places to visit in Kuala Lumpur in 3 days and that’s why we have another fun-filled day planned for you. 

Morning: Check out the beautiful Thean Hou Temple

Start the morning of your 3 day Kuala Lumpur itinerary at the wonderful Thean Hou Temple. This is one of our favourite places to see in KL and one place we recommend to everybody who has extra time in the city.

The Thean Hou temple is an impressive 6 tier, Chinese style Buddhist temple. It’s said to be one of the largest and oldest temples in South-east Asia. 

After travelling in Asia for so long you might not want to visit ‘just another temple’. Don’t worry, we get it. But listen to us, this one is different and well worth the journey. Enjoy the stunning, and powerfully red architectural design, as well as the views across KL city. 

Getting there:

There isn’t an easy way to get to this temple with public transport. Unless you also like lots of uphill walking that is.

You can reach the temple via Grab taxi for as little as RM10 from most areas of KL city centre.

Afternoon: Wander through the trees at KL Eco Forest

KL eco forest is a tropical rainforest in the heart of KL. The remaining forest is now, gladly, a protected forest reserve that can’t be built upon. So, this forest that creates the perfect juxtaposition with the surrounding skyscrapers, is here to stay.

This is a great place to come to relax and escape the ‘concrete jungle’ of Kuala Lumpur. You can come here to simply chill out, walk the trails, have a picnic and listen to nature. However, the most popular part is the canopy walk through the forest’s trees. These bridges offer great views of the KL tower & skyscrapers on one side and forest on the other.

Getting there:

From the Thean Hou Temple, we recommend, again, taking a taxi, as public transport isn’t easy to access. The main entrance to KL Eco Forest is found on Jalan Raya Chulan. There are two other entrances, though this is the one closest to the popular canopy walk.

Evening: Head to a rooftop bar

If it’s great views of the KL skyline you’re after, why not head to a rooftop bar? This would be the perfect place to end your 36 hours in Kuala Lumpur. The city has many rooftop bars for tourists to enjoy the city’s skyline. 

You can head up early to grab a cocktail or beer, watch the sun go down and the city light up under the night sky. If you have a little bit more money to spend, most of these bars have food menus too. So, you can even watch the Petronas Towers light up with a delicious meal if you fancy it.

Summary of our three day Kuala Lumpur itinerary

The 3rd day of your three day Kuala Lumpur itinerary takes you to the mesmerising Thean Hou temple, beautiful KL Eco Forest and one of the cities many rooftop bars. By now you will have visited all of the best places to visit in KL in 3 days. And, we hope we’ve shown you enough of the city to enjoy KL as much as we do.

Kuala Lumpur itinerary for 4 days

If you are planning a 4 day Kuala Lumpur itinerary, don’t worry, there’s still plenty for you to do. The final day that we have planned for you has activities that we find equally fun and interesting. However, we’d not describe them as absolute must-visits if you do have a limited amount of time in the city.

Morning: Learn about Malaysian Islamic principles at Wilayah Mosque

One of our favourite free things to do in Kuala Lumpur was a tour of Wilayah mosque. You can take a free tour of the beautiful mosque and learn all about the history and principles of the Islamic religion in Malaysia.

This is one of the best things to do if you’re interested in learning more about Malaysian culture. However, we can see why it might not be interesting to everybody, which is why we’ve left the activity until the final day of our 4 day Kuala Lumpur itinerary. 

We can’t speak highly enough of our tour guide who was very knowledgeable, but also hilarious. Even though we’re not usually interested in religious experiences we found this highly enjoyable and very insightful.

All in all, this is a great cultural experience that you can gain a lot from. At the very least, you’ll learn something and get to visit the ultra-photogenic Wilayah mosque. It’s definitely not a bad way to spend a morning!

Getting there:

Wilayah Mosque is located a little further out of KLCC than most of the other free attractions on this list. Public transport doesn’t really service the area. So, the best option is to take a taxi.

Afternoon: Wander the Perdana Botanical Gardens

If you’re looking for a little bit of peace and quiet in the city then visit Perdana Botanical Gardens. The park is Kuala Lumpur’s largest park and recreational area and is a fantastic way to spend an afternoon. 

The gardens have many points of interest including the lakes, sunken gardens, orchid garden and deer park. Some of the activities, such as the deer park, do require a small fee to enter. However, visiting and relaxing in the massive park, on the whole, is completely free.

This is definitely one of the best free things to do in Kuala Lumpur when you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Also in the area, just north of the gardens, you’ll find the national monument of Malaysia, which is also free to visit!

Getting there:

The Perdana Botanical Gardens are absolutely huge. So, we recommend finding the point of interest you want to visit first and taking a taxi.

There are multiple drop-off points throughout the park so you’re sure to find one close to where you are planning to visit.

Evening: Head to a night market

For the final evening of your 4 day Kuala Lumpur itinerary, we recommend heading to a night market. Kuala Lumpur has many great night markets, including Petaling Street, which you’ve already visited. 

We personally love visiting night markets as it gives you the chance to mix with the locals and try out some delicious new foods. There are different markets open on different nights of the week. So, depending on which night your 4th day falls on will change our recommendation.

If you enjoyed Petaling Street then, by all means, head back there. Who knows? You might find something different. 

Alternatively, check out one of the cities other night markets which we have listed below.

Kuala Lumpur Night Markets:

Wednesday: Taman Connaught night market
Saturday: Kampung Bahru night market
Sunday: Bangsar Baru night market
Open Everyday: Tapak Urban Street Food & Jalan Alor Food Street

Summary of our four day Kuala Lumpur itinerary

If you are spending this much time in the city, we hope you enjoy what we believe to be the best places to visit in Kuala Lumpur in 4 days. The final day of your trip exposes you to some more Malaysian culture and the beautiful Perdana Botanical Gardens. 

The final evening of your KL itinerary will be spent exploring another fun night market. This is, for us, an essential part of travelling in Southeast Asia. As night markets bring a lot of local flavours to the table in one location.

Final thoughts on planning a Kuala Lumpur Itinerary

By now, you should be able to plan an epic Kuala Lumpur itinerary. Clearly, we have recommended places to visit that we have enjoyed. And, we’ve ordered the activities in a way that we hope you won’t miss out on any of KL’s main attractions. 

However, we know that not everybody has the same interests or style of travelling. So, we’ve broken down each day into morning, afternoon and evening activities. We did this so that you can re-order the daily activities as you see fit. 

If you like the morning activities from one day, and the evening activities from another day, by all means, combine them. However, be aware that we’ve planned the activities that are close to each other and are easy to get between. So, if you do go altering our itinerary, just make sure you have enough time to get between your chosen locations. 

Ultimately, we have given you all of the best places to visit in Kuala Lumpur in 1, 2, 3 or 4 days. You should have more than enough to fill your time with.

Do you have longer in the city? Why not read: Free Things To Do In Kuala Lumpur – Top 12 for more ideas!

What do you think of our Kuala Lumpur Itinerary?

Have you visited KL before? Or are you planning your trip? We’d absolutely love to know if you agree with, or found our suggested Kuala Lumpur itinerary useful.

Leave us a comment down below or reach out to us on Instagram!

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