What comes into mind when you think about London? For us, it’s The Queen, a nice cup of tea and Harry Potter! Don’t worry though, we’re well aware London has a lot more to offer than this. London is full of amazing photo opportunities around every corner. But, we’re sure you know this. You wouldn’t be here on this post looking for the best London Hashtags to use for your epic London shots if not. We’ve got you covered.

Here you’ll find not only the most popular London hashtags but also a huge selection of hashtags that you might not have thought about before. We have put together the ultimate London hashtag list, in an easy to read format. You can even copy and paste the hashtags straight onto your Instagram photo. We have done the research for you. This means all of the London hashtags you’ll find in this post are current and up to date for 2020.

Not only will you discover the best hashtags for London photos in this post. But we will also show you the importance of using relevant hashtags to increase your reach. We also go into detail about how to use hashtags effectively. Along with telling you about our own hashtag formula we use on our own successful Instagram. So, for more tips and tricks including the best London Instagram captions and feature accounts, make sure to read the whole post!

What Are The Best London Hashtags?

Top 10 London Hashtags In 2020

London is an amazing place. England’s capital city is full of beautiful architecture and yummy food. Quite frankly, London is a photographer’s dream. Here you’ll find the 10 most popular London hashtags used on Instagram in 2020.

  • #london
  • #londonlife
  • #thisislondon
  • #londoneye
  • #igerslondon
  • #visitlondon
  • #londoner
  • #lovelondon
  • #londoncity
  • #timeoutlondon
The top London hashtags for Instagram in 2020

Popular London Hashtags For Any London Photo 

Here are the most popular London hashtags for Instagram. You can use these hashtags for ANY photo of London. Each one of these London hashtags has been used on at least 200k posts. Many of them have been used a lot more than this. So, they are very popular indeed. Choose your favourites and copy and paste them straight onto your post.

#londontown #londonblogger #londra #londres #londoncalling #london4all #londonart #londonist #londonpop #cityoflondon #londonphotographer #londonstyle #prettylittlelondon #londoners #londonphotography #londonphoto #londondisclosure #london_city_photo #londoncityworld #toplondonphoto #mylondon #vscolondon #thelondonlifeinc #mysecretlondon #londonforyou #london_enthisiast #iglondon #londonstreets #londonlove #londongram #londontrip #londonskyline #londoncityworld #londonsbest #explorelondon #londonstreetstyle #londonbylondoners #instalondon

Less Popular London Hashtags For Any London Photo 

Here you’ll find less popular London hashtags that you can use on any London photo. These hashtags have been used anywhere from 10k-200k times on Instagram. Using some of these London hashtags will give you more of a chance of making Instagram’s top 9 spots.

#londonguru #prettycitylondon #londoncitylife #londoncityphoto #loves_united_london #londonforever #londonnature #iglondoners #wundrouslondon #itssolondon #omgb #londontravel #londonlifestyle #londonblog #londonengland #iglondoners #londoneyeview #theunitedkingdom #outinlondon #londonbest #igotlondonskills #londonphotos #londoninfluencer #lovelondonlife #photosoflondon #londonenthisiast #londonsites #visitlondonofficial #photographerlondon #mylondonphoto #streetsoflondon #londonbynight #londoncollective #londonlights #secretlondon #london_masters #londonlover #metropolis_london #londonstreet #londonsky #discoverlondon #beautifullondon #londontourist #mylondonlife #londonvibes 

The London underground
The entrance to the London Underground

Related Hashtags 

We get it. Not all photos of London are the same. Some of your photos might be of a London cafe whereas others might be of a specific London attraction. Take a look at these related hashtags below. Then, choose the most relevant ones for your picture of London. 

Popular Attractions In London Hashtags

#londoneye #towerbridge #towerbridgelondon #londonbridge #stpaulscathedral #thames #riverthames #thamesriver #kewgardens #southbank #southbanklondon #bankside #mayfairlondon #eastlondonlife #gloucesterroad #oxfordcircus #piccadilly #piccadillycircus #naturalhistorymuseum #westminsterabbey #westminster #westminsterbrigde #centrallondon #portobelloroad #londonbus #leicestersquare #redtelephonebox #bigben #buckinghampalace #theshard #shard #trafalgarsquare #londonunderground #coventgarden #housesofparliament #harrypotter #hydepark #regentspark #oxfordstreet #greenwich

A Big Ben photo which is a London attraction for the best related hashtags for London
One of London’s popular sights – Big Ben

London Food Hashtags 

#londonfood #londonfoodie #londonrestaurants  #londonrestaurant #londonvegan #londoncoffeeshops #londonfoodies #eastlondonfood #britishfood #londonfoodguide #tastelondon #londonfoodbabes #londonfoodscene #londonfoodporn #londonfoodmarket #food #foodporn #foodstagram #foodie #coventgardenmarket #foodgasm #hungrylondon #londoneats #foodinlondon #camden #londonfoodblog #londonfoodbloggers #londonfoodspots #boroughmarket #ourboroughmarket #eaterlondon 

A London cafe photo for the London food hashtags
A famous cafe in London – Peggy Porschen

London Architecture Hashtags

#londonarchitecture #londonlandmark #londonview #londonviews #londonskyline #buildingphotography #londonbuildings #architecturephotography #arcitecture #ukarcitecture #architecture_view #architecture_lovers #architecture_hunter #archiporn #facade 

A photo of tower bridge for London architecture hashtags
London’s well known Tower Bridge

UK Hashtags 

#uk #british #GB #england #greatbritain #photosofbritain #unitedkingdom #uk_shooters #lovegreatbritain #uk_greatshots #topeuropephoto #photosofengland #loves_united_kingdom #visituk #englandtrip #englandtourism #englandlife #visitengland #visitbritain #travelengland #traveluk #ukstreetphotography 

Why Use Hashtags?

We all see the top bloggers, influencers and photographers using hashtags on their Instagram photos on a daily basis. But have you ever stopped to wonder why? In simple terms, using hashtags increases the chance of your photo being seen. Thus, resulting in more impressions for your photo and as a result more likes, comments and even followers.

So, there you have it. Using hashtags will help you grow your social media accounts, especially Instagram. But, we hate to tell you, it’s not as simple as that. The most important thing to remember about using hashtags on Instagram is that they need to be relevant. Using relevant hashtags will allow for the correct audience to view your photo and feed.

Basically, you need to use relevant hashtags for your niche. The aim here is to attract an audience that enjoys and wants to interact with your content. For example, there is no point in using #cutedogs if your photo is of Buckingham Palace. Yes, you might receive a few more impressions from loyal dog fans but that won’t relay into the desired likes and comments. Always use hashtags that relate to your photo.

Creating Your Own London Hashtags List

The first thing that any Instagrammer needs to know, before creating your own hashtag technique, is that you can only use 30 hashtags. Instagram only allows 30 hashtags per Instagram feed post. Any more than this and your photo will not appear under any of the hashtags and therefore will be blocked from reaching new people. This would make it impossible for your account to grow!

As mentioned previously, the relevancy of the hashtags is important when creating your own hashtag list. Using hashtags that correlate to your London photo is essential. You could use hashtags that relate to the location, activity, niche or brand.

One of the key things to remember is to use different hashtags for different photos. Do not use the same Instagram hashtags for every London photo. It is best practice to mix it up. One reason for this is that Instagram might find it ‘spammy’ if you constantly use the same hashtags. Another and we think an even more important reason is using a variety of hashtags can reach more people. Instagram users can choose to follow certain hashtags. For example, we are interested in travel, so, we follow the #travel hashtag and #travelcouples hashtag. This means Instagram knows what we are interested in and shows us content containing these hashtags. So, the more variety of hashtags you use, the bigger audience you will reach – as not everyone will follow the same hashtags!

Why Should I Not Use Only The Popular Hashtags?

The final thing you will need to think about whilst creating your London hashtag list is the popularity of the hashtags. Using a variety of popular and less popular hashtags is especially important for smaller accounts. If you were to use only the most popular London hashtags, your post would likely be buried as you’d be competing with much bigger and more well-known accounts.

For example, using the hashtags #london (138m) and #visitlondon (2.5m) would provide you with very little benefit as the competition is extremely high. However, if you were to use these hashtags alongside other less popular London hashtags like #londonlover (130k) or #outinlondon (62k) you’d have a better chance of making it into Instagrams top 9 photos.

Many people will discourage smaller accounts to use ANY popular hashtags. We disagree. We have seen some very small accounts get noticed and featured on huge accounts. If your photos are of a high quality, why not try your luck with a few mega hashtags. You never know, your photo may end up going viral!

Our recommended London Hashtags formula:
  • 5 very popular hashtags (1-10million)
  • 10-15 popular hashtags (100k-1million)
  • 5 less popular hashtags (10k-100k)
  • 5 niche hashtags – Is your niche travel? Use some travel hashtags! Is your niche street art? Use street art hashtags!
  • 1 own hashtag – Why not create your own hashtag as the big brands do? This hashtag could be your account name or something unique. Make sure to use it with all of your photos and you never know, one day you may become big enough that other accounts use it too!

How to find the popularity of hashtags?

To use the above London Hashtag formula you will need to find out the popularity of the hashtags you’re wanting to use. The best way to find out the popularity of a specific London hashtag is to search on Instagram itself. Open the app and use the search function at the top. You can then type in the hashtag you are wanting to look for and Instagram will show you how many times that London hashtag has been used before. The only thing left to do is to decide if you want to use this hashtag or not.

A screenshot of Instagram's search bar searching for London hashtags

Even so, there is no perfect hashtag strategy or formula. Otherwise, everyone would be Insta famous! But, if you keep the above points in mind, you’ll be good to go! Get going and grow your social media account!

The Best London Feature Accounts 

Let’s face it, you wouldn’t be on this post if you didn’t want to grow your Instagram page and gain more followers. So, now you know all there is to know about using hashtags, it’s time to talk about how to gain even more exposure for your epic London photographs.

Feature accounts are very niche specific accounts on Instagram. These accounts reshare content from the Instagram community. Thus, a London feature account will share the best London photos they find. The account will not only share the photo but also credit the owner of the image. This in hand, provides an advertisement for the photo owner’s own Instagram feed. Feature accounts usually have thousands, if not millions of followers. So, if your photo is shared on one of these accounts, you’ll have a whole new audience for your feed. The best thing is, this audience will be directly interested in your niche too!

Here are some of the best and most popular London feature accounts on Instagram. Although, there are many more out there too! Tag some or all of the accounts in your photo (up to 20) and as a result, they might reshare your content to their own feed or story!

  • @london 
  • @visitlondon
  • @transportforlondon 
  • @london4all
  • @secret.london
  • @its_so_london 
  • @londonbeautifullife
  • @londoncityworld
  • @toplondonphoto
  • @timeoutlondon 
  • @prettylittlelondon
  • @londonsbest
The London Eye on a sunny day
The London Eye is one of London’s most famous attractions

London Quotes To Use For Your Instagram London Captions

Check out some of our favourite London quotes that you can use for your Instagram caption.

  • “By seeing London, I have seen as much of life as the world can show.” – Samuel Johnson
  • “In London everyone is different, and that means anyone can fit in.” – Paddington Bear
  • “A bad day in London is still better than a good day anywhere else.” – Unknown
  • “There’s nowhere else like London. Nothing at all, anywhere.” – Vivienne Westwood

More London Instagram Captions

Quotes aren’t for everyone. If you’re not wanting to use a quote for your London photo, why not use one of the caption ideas or puns below.

  • London is calling!
  • London is my cup of tea
  • 50 Shades of Earl Grey
  • Feeling like a Queen in London
  • Where have you Ben all my life (Big Ben pun)
  • I can’t be Thamed (River Thames pun)
  • Having the best Thames in London (River Thames pun)

Final Thoughts On The Best London Hashtags

We really hope you enjoyed reading our post and found what you were looking for and more. Now, you should have the best London hashtags for your images. On top of this, you should now know how to further your reach and gain even more exposure for your social media photos.

To summarize, use only relevant London hashtags. You should also make sure to diversify the hashtags you use. In addition to these points, use our hashtag formula to get the best results for your photos. Further, make sure to create a cool caption using our favourite London quotes. Finally, finish off by tagging popular London feature accounts in your shots to further increase your engagement.

We’d love to know your experiences of using hashtags on Instagram. Have you experienced success with certain hashtags or a certain number? Do you have your own hashtag strategy? If so, let us know in the comments.

Don’t forget to check out our Instagram too! We’d love to connect.

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