Finding a great night out in Kuala Lumpur isn’t too difficult. There are many great watering holes to choose from. But, one particular bar, Suzie Wong, blurs the line between somewhere you go to drink and somewhere you go to experience. It embraces the trendy ‘speakeasy’ and hidden bar concept that’s popular throughout the city. But for us, Suzie Wong stakes its claim as the best speakeasy bar in KL.

From the quiet entrance to the extravagant decor, the cocktails to the energetic performances, Suzie Wongs is certainly more of an experience than a night out. And, it’s an experience that you absolutely must…experience!

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About Suzie Wong KL

Inside the Suzie Wong cocktail bar, the best speakeasy bar in KL!

Suzie Wong’s website says it best. They’re a hidden gem in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Hidden, they are, a gem of a bar? Right again.

The overall concept of the bar is based around a 1960’s movie “The world of Suzie Wong”. It’s not a movie we’ve seen. Though, long story short, an American architect (Robert Lomax) falls in love with a seemingly beautiful and affluent Chinese native…Suzie Wong. It’s a love story that quickly turns chaotic…

Suzie Wong in Kuala Lumpur embraces the chaotic and extravagant vibes of the movie. In fact, the bar is said to incorporate many of the characters traits and personalities.

As they always say, ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’, the outside might look inconspicuous, yet the inside is anything but.

Behind the calm exterior is a bar that prides itself on great cocktails and frantically energetic performances. This all happens on an East meets West (like Robert & Suzie) backdrop to give you an experience like no other!

Rich and extravagant decor fill Suzie Wong’s bar, ultimately giving it a very glitzy vibe. But it also remains ‘non-exclusive’ in a good way. Suzie Wong is the place to be for the young & old, those from the East and the West. The mixture of clientele only adds to the experience…

How to get to Suzie Wong KL?

The team at Suzie Wong bar in Kuala Lumpur were keen to assure us of one thing. They embrace the speakeasy bar-style concept, without necessarily being a speakeasy bar. After all, they are one of the best bars in the city, so Suzie Wong’s hardly a secret!

Despite being one of the most popular speakeasy bars in KL, you might have a hard time finding Suzie Wong.
Our phone app only took us to a general location that made finding Suzie Wong harder than expected. We recommend heading to ‘Jalan Tengah’ and looking for the large “Wisma Lim Foo Yoong” sign. Suzie Wong can be found just down the path behind the sign.

The humble noodle stall entrance at Suzie Wong bar Kuala Lumpur

The humble, unassuming wonton noodle stall (which doubles as Suzie Wong’s entrance) might look calm, yet the inside is anything but.

It might be ‘hidden’ in plain sight but don’t let this fool you. The moment you pass through those heavy, wooden, Chinese doors you’ll feel like you’ve been transported into another world.

The humble outside and glitzy inside are certainly in massive contrast with one another!

Suzie Wong KL address:
Suzie Wong KL
Wisma Lim Foo Yong
86 Jalan Raja Chulan
Kuala Lumpur 50450, Malaysia

Suzie Wong Kuala Lumpur – Inside the bar

Entering into Suzie Wong is an exciting moment as the glamorous interior reveals itself. You might be somewhat surprised at the chilled out vibe that you initially experience…but there’s way more to it than meets the eye.

Suzie Wong’s is actually separated into two rooms and what you see when you first enter is just one (the calmer one) of the two…

The ‘Robert Lomax’ room

The Robert Lomax room bar in Suzie Wong cocktail bar Kuala Lumpur

The Robert Lomax room is the first room you’ll enter into. It’s the calm before the storm. It’s Suzie Wong’s lounge area, decked out in exquisite leather sofas and many other Western touches.

Swing on the velvet, Instagram friendly love swings, or perch yourself on the high wooden bar stools. The bar itself is a sight to behold, sitting on top of exposed bricks and closed in by a large cage-like entrapment. You can even admire the knights in shining armour that line the room.

This area is intended to be a calm, lounge-like area. So, guests can relax in the comfort of their sofa, enjoy a cigar, cocktails and bite to eat before hitting the party that awaits in the adjacent room…

The ‘Suzie Wong’ room

Suzie’s room for short, this is where the party gets going. The energy is raised and live performances fill the room with a frantic, chaotic buzz. Some say it’s a real throwback to the vibrant bars of 50’s Hong Kong!

You have to enter the room through a red velvet curtain and it only gets more glamorous from there. Countless birdcages hang from the ceiling and the rest of the room is covered wall to wall with interesting decorations and ornaments. Red velvet curtains hang throughout the room.

There is so much going on in Suzie’s room that it’s actually hard to describe. The decor is oriental, it’s interesting, it’s glamorous and it’s all part of the experience.

Some of the chairs inside the Suzie Wong coktail bar in Kuala Lumpur

In terms of seat arrangements, it’s much different from the lounge. In the ‘Suzie Wong’ Room, the stage is at the front. Tables on the ground level offer up-close and personal experiences for the live shows.

However, to sit there they require a minimum spend and you must book in advance. The minimum spend depends on the specific table and party size.

Suzie Wong secret bar KL - The main bar inside 'Suzies room'

We recommend arriving early and grabbing one of the free seats by the bar. They operate on a first come first serve basis. The live performances can still be enjoyed from here and there’s no minimum spend required.

Events at Suzie Wong KL

Part of the whole Suzie Wong experience is the variety of shows that take place on a weekly basis. The entertainment takes shape in two main forms; live musicals and cabaret shows.

The live band performing on the main stage of Suzie Wong KL!

Live musicals are scheduled for one night, cabaret shows are on another. In either case, the live band and DJ’s offer some pre-performance entertainment. They also stick around after the events so that guests can party late into the night!

The amazing, energetic musical event at Suzie Wong speakeasy bar in KL

We were lucky enough to experience ‘The Titanic’ musical and it was a perfectly curated, energetic masterpiece that captivated the whole bar. The musical events change monthly, so stay up to date on the Suzie Wong website to see what events are coming up.

Unfortunately, we were unable to return to experience the famous Suzie Wong cabaret show. But, they’re supposed to be on another level of entertainment!

To find out upcoming Suzie Wong performances and events check out their events page on their website.

Suzie Wong KL Menu – Drinks

The menu at Suzie Wong in Kuala Lumpur has an interesting array of drinks to choose from. Of course, you can stick to the beers (RM26 – RM 36) or the wide range of spirits, but then you’d be missing out on the expertly crafted cocktails.

You might be missing a trick if you plan to visit a ‘speciality cocktail bar’ without trying the cocktails right?

Signature Cocktails

Suzie Wong’s in KL has a number of great signature cocktails. They’re all priced at RM58 and we tried four of them; the ‘Suzie Wong’, ‘Robert Lomax’, ‘Mei Ling’ and ‘Bunga Telang Sour’.

Of course, no trip would be complete without trying the cocktails that are named after the characters themselves. The ‘Suzie Wong’ cocktail is a delightful mix of rum, gingerbread syrup, coconut water and citrus. It should come as no surprise that it uniquely comes served inside a whole coconut!

The ‘Robert Lomax’ is equally impressive in presentation. It comes served inside a glowing, smokey bird-cage that is sure to turn heads when ordered. The cocktail is an acquired taste, with a concoction of Gin, Fernet Branca, Campari Smoked with Hickory Wood Chip.

‘Bunga Telang Sour’

If sweet and sour is what you’re after then try the ‘Bunga Telang Sour’. It’s a perfectly balanced mix of a sour twist of Gin, elderflower liqueur, fresh lemon juice, Bunga Telang soda and elderflower syrup. It has a beautiful purple hue and comes served upon a glowing drinks coaster to give your cocktail the light it deserves.

‘Mei Ling’

Finally, the ‘Mei Ling’, created with Hennessy V.S.O.P, Amaro, lime juice, mint leaves, fresh ginger and ginger beer. It’s another beautifully crafted cocktail to be enjoyed by all. And, again, comes beautifully presented in a miniature oriental vase.

Suzie Wong KL Menu – Food

You might be surprised to find out the noodle stall outside Suzie Wongs is actually functioning. So, yes, you can enjoy some food in the bar too, served to your table.

Some of the available food menu at Suzie Wong bar in KL

We only tried the Siu Mais and the fish balls, which were both delicious. However, we’ve heard their curry wonton noodles are the highlight!

Unfortunately, we can’t shed much light on the food prices. But, you can see most of the Suzie Wong drinks menu pictured below.

Final thoughts on Suzie Wong bar in KL

We have to say that Suzie Wong lives up to its name as a speciality cocktail bar. It’s a shame that we couldn’t try all of the drinks on the menu! We would have, but the cocktails came served strong and we weren’t prepared to dive deeper into the menu.

Had we returned, then ‘Uncle Wong’s Cendol’ would have been the next cocktail on our table. It’s an alcoholic, cocktail based version of a popular local dessert that we really encourage you to try. The RM28 priced shots were also very tempting, but on this occasion, we had to resist.

All in all, even though they seem expensive on the face of it, we’d say the drinks prices at Suzie Wongs are competitive for KL. Especially when you consider the free entrance and the entertainment on offer!

The entertainment is nothing short of superb and like we said before…visiting Suzie Wong shouldn’t be treated as a night out but an all-out experience. An experience that you all must try!

Suzie Wong KL – Extra Information

We might not have answered every question you wanted to ask in the article above. So, this section will act as an FAQ for general questions relating to visiting Suzie Wong in Kuala Lumpur.

Is there a happy hour at Suzie Wong in KL?
Yes. Last time we checked their happy hours ran from 4pm – 9pm from Monday to Friday and 6pm – 9pm on a Saturday. The happy hour deal is ‘buy one get one free’ on their amazing cocktails.

Does Suzie Wong KL have a dress code?
Yes. The dress code is smart, casual and fashionable. It’s fairly vague but they do specify no shorts, flip flops, singlets, sportswear or baseball caps.

What is the age requirement to visit Suzie Wong in KL?
The minimum age required to enter Suzie Wong is 21 years of age and I.D. will be required.

Are bookings required to visit Suzie Wong KL?
Yes and No. Yes if you’d like to get a table, close to the live performances. These come with a minimum spend that can be enquired about through their website reservations page. No, if you want to visit casually and stand by the bar. We didn’t have a reservation and had a great night! You should note that on some nights a singular drink cover charge may apply. However, the Suzie Wong KL entrance fee is effectively zero.

Suzie Wong Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday: 4pm to 3am
Saturday: 6pm to 3am
Sunday: Closed

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