For Malaysians, night markets (Pasar Malam) are simply a way of life. They’re a place to eat, drink, shop and socialise. For travellers, embracing the Malaysian love of night markets is just one way you can immerse yourself in their culture. It’s almost a right of passage for anybody travelling within the country. Kuala Lumpur has many markets dotted throughout the city. So, we want to share with you 8 of the best night markets in KL.

Some night markets are only a collection of small mom and pop stalls. On the other hand, others operate alongside shops, restaurants and bars. There are even some hip modern markets to enjoy…

Luckily, you don’t have to worry about what day(s) you’ll be visiting the city. That’s because KL (like much of Malaysia) has a night market every damn day of the week!

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Map of the best night markets in KL

Anyway, here’s our list of the 8 best night markets in KL!

Petaling Street Night Market

A street food vendor at Petaling Street, one of the best night markets in KL!
Street food vendor at Petaling Street Night Market

For us, Petaling Street (Chinatown) is the best all-round night market in KL. It’s a great market for both foodies and those looking to grab a bargain! The market extends down Petaling Street (Jalan Petaling) itself. However, it also spills out into Jalan Hang Lekir, Jalan Sultan and some of the surrounding areas.

The central part of Petaling Street night market is an energetic shopping experience. Wander the narrow paths that vendors line either side. It is here you can expect to find cheap electronics, knock-off clothes and so many souvenirs.

If you’re like us and head to Night Markets for the food then make your way to Jalan Sultan. There are many street food vendors to choose from as well as a number of restaurants to settle down in.

Grabbing a beer and some street food here, whilst people watching, was one of the highlights of our time in KL!

Where and what to eat at Petaling Street night market? 

A spicy pan mee vendor at Petaling Street night market.
Spicy Pan Mee Vendor

Spicy Pan Mee – We’re unsure of the true name for this set of stalls. However, you can find them clustered together on Jalan Sultan. They sell some of our favourite local street foods like Spicy Pan Mee and Popiah. Grab some food, grab a beer, grab a seat…enjoy!

Uncles Apam Balik – Apam Balik is a true, must-try, Malaysian sweet treat. Find this well known local stall, ran by one man and his wife, on Jalan Hang Lekir. We’ve been told they serve up the best Apam in the city!

Kims Soya Bean – You can find this stall at the cross-section of Jalan Petaling and Jalan Hang Lekir. Here you can try the city’s most famous soya bean milk and unique soya bean dessert ‘Tau Fu Fah’. So popular, this stall supplies some of the surrounding restaurants and bars with their products!

Top tip: The area is filled with many great bars and secret bars. So, once you’ve finished eating, why not try to find a secret place to drink cocktails?

Jalan Petaling, Chinatown, City Centre

Opening Hours:
9am – 6pm (Day Market), 6pm – 9pm (Night Market) Daily

Jalan Alor Food Street & Night Market

A stall selling fried foods at Jalan Alor night market (one of the best night markets in KL)
One of the many interesting stalls at the night market on Jalan Alor.

Jalan Alor is Kuala Lumpur’s famous food street. It’s a busy, central road that is lined with many international (Asian) seafood restaurants. Though, by night time the road closes and street food vendors line up and down the length of the street.

If Petaling Street is our favourite, then Jalan Alor has to be a close second for the best night market in KL!

Jalan Alor is fantastic because it offers the choice between restaurants and street vendors…or both. The restaurants are significantly more expensive than the city standard which is why many choose to enjoy the night market stalls instead.

Overall, the buzz of international travellers and locals make visiting Jalan Alor a special experience.

Where and what to eat at Jalan Alor night market?

The dim-sum stall at Jalan Alor (food street) night market.
The Dim Sum vendor.
Steamboat vendor on Jalan Alor food street.
The interesting Malaysian ‘Steamboat’ stall.
A selection of different priced durian packs at Jalan Alor night market, one of the best night markets in KL.
Durian – The stinky fruit that people love to hate.

Sai Woo – If walking and eating isn’t your style and you’d prefer to sit and enjoy your food, then this ‘restaurant’ is for you. Sai Woo is more of a collection of street food vendors clustered together indoors. It’s expensive and very busy. But…the food was great, it was a fun experience and great for soaking up the atmosphere of Jalan Alor.

Dim Sum – The big, yellow Dim Sum stall is one of the most popular vendors in the area. You can pick up many types of cheap Dim Sum here to feast on while you explore the market stalls.

Durian – It’s the stinky fruit that people love to hate. Durian is famous throughout Southeast Asia and is easy to find on Jalan Alor. Try it. We dare you to!

Putu Piring – Another amazing Malaysian sweet treat that you must try. The vendor isn’t on Jalan Alor every night. So, if you see him, take full advantage. You won’t regret it!

Top tip: Finished feasting on Jalan Alor? Head around to Changkat Bukit Bintang for one of the city’s most lively party scenes. We enjoyed going here before visiting Jalan Alor too so that we could take advantage of the many happy hours that were on offer!

Jalan Alor, Bukit Bintang, City Centre

Opening Hours:
24 Hours a day. Everyday. (Individual stalls/restaurants will vary. But, there’s always something going on)

Central Market (Pasar Seni) & Kasturi Walk

Central Market is somewhere you must visit during your time in KL…it’s a famous, in-door, bazaar-style shopping experience. There are many small handicraft and boutique stalls inside that are definitely worth visiting. Or, you can even have a fish foot spa treatment if you’d like?

Kasturi Walk is almost an extension of Central Market. Though, it’s a sheltered outdoor walkway with more vendors. The vendors here are different from those inside. Instead, they offer many cheap electronics, ‘branded’ clothing and a variety of street snacks.

Okay, Central Market & Kasturi walk aren’t dedicated night markets. But they’re markets which open well into the night…which is why we consider them to be one of the best night markets in KL!

Where and what to eat in Central Market KL?

The cooking method for ‘Putu Bambu Tradisi’
This is 1 of 5 pieces of Putu Bambu that you can pick up for RM3.50.

Putu Bambu Tradisi – Found outside at the top of Kasturi Walk. Putu Bambu is our favourite Malaysian dessert and sweet treat. It won’t be hard for you to find. Trust us, you’ll smell it way before you see it.

Central Market Food Court – Choose from one of the many food stalls in the food court. There’s a delightful range of local Asian foods to be found here and all for very low prices!

Old Town White Coffee – Why not try out some of Malaysia’s famous white coffee? Old Town is one of the country’s most popular chains and there’s a branch within Central Market.

Top tip: These markets are just in front of Pasar Seni LRT station and just a 5-minute walk to Petaling Street night market.

Jalan Hang Kasturi, City Centre

Opening Hours:
10am – 10pm Daily

Tapak Urban Street Dining

The centre court and seating area of Tapak Urban Street Dining, one of the best night markets in KL.
The centre court and seating area at Tapak Urban Street Dining.

Tapak Urban Street Dining is the new, modern, hip, unique night market in KL city centre. It’s very different from the true ‘Pasar Malam’ experience that Malaysians love but it’s a fun one nonetheless.

At Tapak, street food wagons line the car park whilst picnic tables and chairs occupy the middle underneath the fairy lights. Live music plays through the open-air venue to create a really cool atmosphere.

There’s a mixture of foods to be found here from pizza and pasta to chicken satay, Thai food and even churros! All in all, Tapak is definitely worth visiting if you have the time.

Where and what to eat at Tapak Urban Street Dining?

A pizza stall at Tapak Urban Street Dining
One stall sells many kinds of warm Churros!
The gigantic, cheap, flavoursome and ice-cold drinks that can be bought for just RM6.00!

Awang Coffee Truck – Find this truck for a large selection of flavour-filled ice cold drinks that you can cool off with. They only cost RM6.00 and are absolutely massive.

Churroza- If you’re craving a bit of Europe then head over to this stall selling warm churros. They smell and look delightful!

Cendol & Ais Kacang – You can try two of Malaysia’s most popular desserts at this night market. We’re unsure of the vendors name but the large “CENDOL” signs make it easy to find!

Top Tip: You can find Tapak Urban Street Dining just a 10-minute walk from the Petronas Twin Towers. So, combining these activities is a perfect option for an evening of fun!

Persiaran Hampshire, Jalan Ampang, KLCC

Opening Hours:
6pm – 12am Monday – Thursday, open until 1am Friday-Sunday!

Bangsar Baru Night Market


Bangsar Baru market is more of a locals and ex-pats night market in KL. It’s located further outside the city centre in Bangsar Village but is well worth visiting. Especially if you’re planning to visit Bangsar anyway for its cool cafes, great restaurants, shopping and bars.

If you do plan to visit Bangsar, wait until a Sunday. That’s the only night you can find this night market operating. It would be a shame to miss out on all the street food, clothes, fresh fruit and cheap flowers that are on offer!

Where and what to eat around Bangsar Baru night market?

A Pao (Steamed Bun) stall at Bangsar Baru night market.
An interesting food stall at Bangsar Baru night market, one of the best night markets in KL!
‘Zhu Chang Fen’ – Another interesting stall at Bangsar Sunday market.

Devi’s Corner – This isn’t a part of the night market but does offer one of the best Banana Leaf Curry’s in KL.

Putu Bambu – If you miss out Kasturi Walk then our favourite Malaysian sweet treat (Putu Bambu) can be found at Bangsar Sunday market too!

Top tip: Arrive early. Many stalls had already begun to shut by the time we had arrived and that wasn’t even close to closing time. Maybe if they run out of goods they shut up shop…

Jalan Telawi 1, Bangsar Village

Opening Hours:
3pm – 11pm, Sundays only.

Bukit Bintang Night Market Stalls

A vendor amongst his stall at Bukit Bintang street food stalls, one of the smallest but best night markets in KL.
Bukit Bintang Night Market Stalls

This mini collection of stalls makes up one of KL’s smallest and most random night markets. You’ll find them packed together on Bukit Bintang street right around the corner from Bukit Bintang Air-Asia Monorail station.

There are only a handful of stalls but some interesting street foods to choose from. It seems to be popular with locals who pass on their commute home from work every day and they remain open late into the evening.

What to eat at the Bukit Bintang market stalls?

One of the smallest, but best night markets in KL is this collection of stalls in Bukit Bintang.
The stalls are popular with passers-by on their commute home from work.
A range of interesting meat/fish skewers can be found here!

Air Mata Kucing – The name literally translates to Cats Eyes Water…strange? It’s a very popular local drink made from the fruit ‘Mata Kucing’ (cats eyes), a smaller type of Longan.

Nasi Ayam Kukus – There’s a stall selling one of our must-try Malaysian dishes ‘Nasi Kukus’. A rice-based dish with fried chicken, sambal and curry sauce. *Drools*

Top tip: Grab some food and a refreshing cold drink before heading over to the Mcdonalds/Starbucks corner. Almost every night, and definitely every weekend night, small bands or other performers take centre stage, providing the theme tune for your evening.

The busy Bukit Bintang intersection where local bands come to play!

Bukit Bintang Street, on the opposite corner to Mcdonalds near Bukit Bintang Monorail station.

Opening Hours:
Very Early – Very Late
(i.e. we have no idea. They always seem to be open every time we walk past).

Kampung Baru Night Market


The Kampung Baru Saturday Market is one of the best night markets in KL because it offers something very different.

It takes place in ‘Kampung Baru’ which is a traditional Malaysian village in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. The old traditional Malay houses offer a strong juxtaposition with the Petronas Towers which literally tower over the village.

There are a number of street food stalls that are set up every Saturday night along ‘Jalan Raja Muda Musa’. On offer are typical Malay street foods, fresh fruit and sea-food. The night market seems to operate in conjunction with the many surrounding eateries. It’s definitely a favourite among the locals!

What and where to eat at Kampung Baru night market?

Nasi Lemak Wanjo – Why not grab the national dish of Malaysia ‘Nasi Lemak’ at one of KL’s most popular Nasi Lemak stalls? We did and it more than lived up to the high expectations set by online reviews!

Beef Satay – Okay, we never tried this guy’s satay…because the line was too long (with locals). This is the only praise that a street food vendor needs!

Jalan Raja Muda Musa, Kampung Baru

Opening Hours:
6pm – 1am, Saturday only.

Taman Connaught Night Market

Taman Connaught night market is said to be the biggest and best night market in KL!
Taman Connaught Night Market – Source: @EvelynQuek

This is by far the biggest and arguably (amongst locals) THE best night market in KL! The mega night market comprises over 700 stalls and stretches over 1-mile long in length, every Wednesday night.

Unlike other large markets around South-east Asia, Taman Connaught isn’t a tourist trap attraction. It’s a truly local experience that not too many foreigners venture out to.

Amongst the 700 stalls, you’ll find everything that all the other markets have and more. Think cheap electronics, clothes and handicrafts.

The food here is on another level too. Foreigners who do make the journey out to Taman Connaught will be treated with the opportunity to try many local delights. Curry Noodles, Stinky Tofu and many kinds of Kueh are on offer and you should try them all!

What to eat at Taman Connaught Night Market?

Curry wonton noodles – Wonton noodles are a historic street food favourite with Malaysia’s Chinese population. The Curry noodles at Taman Connaught are said to be some of the city’s most popular!

Stinky Tofu – It’s Tofu that’s stinky. Or ‘over fermented’ some might say. Whilst most foreigners are unlikely to enjoy it…you have to try it for the experience!

Kueh – Kueh is a type of Malaysian dessert that comes in all shapes, sizes and even colours. Most of them include a delicious combination of Pandan and Coconut. Plus, they’re cheap as hell!

Jalan Cerdas, Taman Connaught

Opening Hours:
6pm – 1am, Wednesday only.

Round up of the best night markets in KL

To summarise the above information we want to give you the following advice on visiting KL’s night markets.

  • Visiting on a Wednesday? Make sure to head to Taman Connaught Night Market.
  • Coming to KL on a Saturday? Plan a trip to the cool Kampung Baru village and night market.
  • Looking for something to do on a Sunday? Explore Bangsar village, the cool neighbourhood and it’s Sunday night market.
  • On any other day of the week, you can visit Jalan Alor for a busy and fun dining experience. Visit Petaling Street to experience KL’s Chinatown and delicious street food. Or, if you want a cool new hipster vibe, head on over to Tapak Urban Dining for a unique night market experience.

Our final thoughts on the best night markets in KL…

Honestly, when it comes to exploring the best night markets in KL, there’s not really a bad choice. They’re all fun and they all offer something unique. You’ll be able to try many of the delicious new foods and potentially pick up some cheap clothes, handicrafts or souvenirs.

The bottom line is, if you’ve never been to a night market in Southeast Asia before, then you’re in for a treat. Because Kuala Lumpur has some of the best night markets around!

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