Canggu is a lively town on the west coast of Bali that is growing in popularity every year. The destination is seen as a must-visit destination by travellers and is particularly popular with surfers and digital nomads. If you are looking for the best things to do in Canggu then you’ve come to the right place.

Why You Should Visit Canggu

You might be wondering if Canggu is worth visiting or is it just ideal for surfers? Don’t worry, Canggu has something for everybody. The area has a lively buzz that’s created by the variety of young, international travellers that choose to visit or live here.

Besides the great surf, the area is becoming well known for is top quality and varied food scene. There’s even a very lively, but tame party scene for you to enjoy too. And only 5 minutes out of the main town you can see the rice fields that Bali is famous for.

You might be planning to visit for a couple of nights or a couple of months. In any case, we’re sure that your time spent in Canggu will be enjoyable and time well spent.

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Top Things To Do In Canggu

We visit Bali often and generally use Canggu as our base to explore the rest of the island. So, after multiple visits, we’ve experienced much of what Canggu has to offer. Even though we’ve spent a lot of time here we’re still excited to return for another time.

Using our time in the area we’ve put together a list of our top 10 things to do in Canggu. Check out our list and find out what it is that keeps us wanting to come back to this energetic surfer town.

1. Catch a wave at one of Canggu’s many surf spots

A girl walking into the sea, with a surfboard, at one of Canggus many beaches.

It’s no secret that Bali is a world class surf destination. Each year millions of tourists flock to the island to take advantage of its waves. For a long time, the main appeal of visiting Canggu was the cool surfing community and its many beaches.

To this day, surfing remains the most popular thing to do in Canggu for novices and experienced wave riders alike. So, even if you’ve never surfed before, grab a board, take a lesson and enjoy the waves. Trust us, it’s a blast!

Surf lessons are easily found and can be booked through hostels or even just found on the beach. We paid 400k per person for a 2-hour lesson which included the board rental.

Great Surf Hostels & Homestays In Canggu:

  • Layday Surf Hostel
  • Co-Work Surf
  • The Nest Canggu
  • Surfing Nomads

2. Brunch to your heart’s content

A brunch dish from the Lifes Crate cafe in Canggu

Even though Canggu is most popular for it’s surfing, it’s recently become an attractive destination for foodies. You can find all kinds of amazing eateries from local warungs to hip restaurants. However, where Canggu really shines is its variety of brunch spots.

The abundance of ‘hipsters’ in Canggu and strong digital nomad community has seemingly ignited a need for cool cafes. You’ll find everything on offer from the famous smoothie bowls to avocado on toast and everything in between. You could try a new café every day of the month and still only have explored a fraction of what Canggu has to offer!

Choosing where to eat in Canggu can be tricky, there’s a different café on every single corner after all. If you need help deciding where to eat you should definitely check out our blog posts:

3. Sunset Beers at Old Mans

Old mans at sunset, during happy hour, located on Batu Bolong Beach in Canggu.

Watching the sunset in Bali is always a fantastic idea. With Canggu being situated on Bali’s west coast it’s perfectly positioned for catching the sunset every night. There’s a number of places to watch the sun go down but our personal favourite is Old Mans. There’s a happy hour every day when you can pick up 2 drinks for the price of 1.

The good music, sunset views and happy hour drinks are what keeps us coming back to Old Mans. It’s one of the best things to do in Canggu as they offer some of the cheapest beer around. Be sure to get there early though. Even though it’s a big bar, Old Mans is very popular and the seats fill up fast!

Useful Information:

Happy Hour: 5pm-6pm

Bintang small/large: 35k/55k

Cocktails: 110k

4. Eat cheap Indonesian food at a local warung

You could visit Canggu and only eat at the epic Western-style brunch spots. But we’d heavily advise you not to and strongly recommend you grab a plate of cheap local food. There’s a number of warungs around Canggu where you can pick up a whole plate of food for just a couple of dollars.

The warungs generally offer a self-service dining experience rather than choosing individual meals from a menu. Choose as many items as you want, and you’ll be billed for the plate once you’ve finished. We generally eat at warungs because the food is delicious and is best friends with our budget.

You can find out some of our favourite warungs in our “The Best Cheap Eats In Canggu” blog post.

5. Find And Navigate The Infamous Canggu Shortcut

The infamous Canggu shortcut located infront of Pretty Poison nearby to Batu Bolong beach.

Canggu isn’t that big though things are spread out and getting around can take a while. The traffic on the main roads certainly doesn’t help this problem which is why you should seek out the shortcuts. There’s one particular shortcut you should look for, the one that joins Batu Bolong with Berawa. The ‘road’ is quite infamous now for the number of cars and motorbikes that fall into the rice paddies.

Due to its popularity and traffic, it’s status as a ‘shortcut’ is arguable. However, you should definitely navigate it once, even just to see how crazy it can get. Trust us, the locals work miracles trying to fit two large vehicles down either side of this road.

6. Party the night away

The pool at The Lawn in Canggu at sunset, with many young international travellers enjoying the party.

There’s a certain buzz in Canggu. It’s the kind of energetic buzz that’s created by thousands of young people from every corner of the globe all socialising in one place. This energy is best felt after sundown when the bars get busy and the drinks start flowing.

We certainly aren’t the kind of travellers who go out looking for parties. Yet, one of the most fun things to do in Canggu is to party the night away. We like the Canggu party scene because it’s there, but it’s not overpowering. It’s not the focus of Canggu, it’s easy to find, but also easy to avoid and that’s what we love.

Where can you party in Canggu?

  • Old Mans
  • The Lawn
  • Sun Bar
  • Pretty Poison
  • Deus Ex Machina

7. Climb The Hill At Pig Stone Beach

If you’re comfortable riding a scooter jump on your bike and head 20 minutes of out Canggu to Pig-Stone Beach. It’s not that well known among tourists so you might find yourself to be the only Westerner there.

The black sand beach has a hill on the Northern end which makes for a great vantage point to watch the sunset. You’ll also have a great view of the locals flying their kites and racing their motorbikes along the beach. There’s also a unique, single palm tree rising from the hill that makes for a great photo opportunity.

Top tip: Use “Pantai Yeh Gangga Citraland” as your destination instead of “Pig Stone Beach”. This location will direct you to right near the hill and palm tree.

8. Climb The Palm Tree At Pasut Beach

Pasut Beach is another black sand beach and killer sunset spot. We’d recommend making the journey with a couple of friends and a couple of Bintang’s to hang out and watch the sun go down. There’s an oddly shaped palm tree that is easy to climb and makes for some really cool photos.

9. Catch the sunset at Tanah Lot

An image displaying the sunset behind Tanah Lot in Canggu

Tanah Lot temple is one of Balis best-known landmarks and one of the most famous things to do in Canggu. The temple sits atop a rock off the coast of Bali and at high tide is almost completely surrounded by water.

The temple is most popular at sunset as the golden sun lights up the ocean and temple. Be warned, its super touristy and is often filled with locals and tourists looking for the perfect shot. Don’t be put off though, the popularity of this landmark is well deserved and a trip is 100% worth it!

10. Find A Bargain At Love Anchor Market

International travellers shopping at Love Anchor market on Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong in Canggu

The ‘Love Anchor’ market is your place to be if you’re looking for some bargain clothes and jewellery in Canggu. There’s a ‘bazaar’ style market hosted every weekday from Monday-Friday. On Saturday and Sundays, a special bazaar is held with over 150 local vendors.

At ‘Love Anchor’ you will find everything from cheap jewellery to the typical ‘Bintang’ or ‘I love Nasi Goreng’ tourist t-shirts. You’ll also find other items like sunglasses, weaved handbags and souvenirs. As well as the market, ‘Love Anchor also has there own store offering international branded clothes as well as local brands. At the very least, Love Anchor is worth a visit to see what you can pick up. If you intend on buying anything, don’t be too shy to bargain at the market. You can nearly always get 50% knocked off the ‘real price’.

What do you think about our top things to do in Canggu?

So, have you visited Canggu already? If so, how many of our favourite things to do in Canggu did you do yourself? We’d love to hear all about it as well as what you think about our list. If you’re still planning your trip, did our list get you excited? If there’s anything you want us to add or any questions you have to ask us, please do so in the comments below!

Where to stay in Canggu

Backpacker Budget
The Farm Hostel – One of the top rated hostels in Canggu, a great place to meet friends.

Mid-range – Budget
FRii Bali Echo Beach – A 3* hotel with a fab pool in a great location, close to Echo Beach.

Theanna Eco Villa and Spa – After a fun-filled day exploring and surfing what’s better than heading back to your own private villa and pool. The ultimate luxury.

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